WWDC 2015 – Quick Overview of What Took Place At Apple Event

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Last Month we all saw major announcements that took place at Google IO conference. Now it’s Apple’s turn, the much-awaited Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference has just kicked off. So, we present before you all the important announcement that are taking place at the event.

The next version of Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

  • OS X Yosemite with the fastest adoption rate of any PC operating system
  • OX El capitan more powerful than ever.
  • New Gestures help to do things like deleting a message in mail really quick
  • Now Get Pinned sites in safari, so that you can check what’s up to the date
  • New features like spotlight view and window management
  • Spotlight now searches more places for useful results like weather and sports scores
  •  New split view helps you position two upside down at the same time
  • El Capitan helps you run everything faster like accessing email, opening apps and switching between them

Now with all new Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan get more refined Experience and will be available for free to users this fall.

Next Major announcement: Introducing iOS9

  • iOS 9 has been refined from ground zero
  • Siri now can take up to 1 Billion request per week 40% more accurately and faster
  • You can ask Siri about more topics than ever
  • Your device can now anticipate what you want to do next, what app have you opened and more same like an assistant
  • You search are not associated with your Apple ID and not shared with third parties
  • In spotlight, you will suggested with recent contacts, places you may be interested with
  • Now your device lets you create a calendar event and add all invitees without using keyboard.
  • With iOS9 your battery last additional hour in average use

The All New Upgraded: Apple Pay

  •  Apple pay has been upgraded to work with all major credit cards
  • Apple Pay will now accept more than 1 million locations in US with more than 2x increase in checkout rate- a good new for merchants
  • You will also be able to use apple pay to purchase items from different store within the Pinterest app
  • iOS will help you add favorite retail store cards to Apple Pay

Apple Pay will available in Unite Kingdom from July in over 200000 locations and will work with than 70% of credit cards and debit cards in UK.

The All New Upgrades in the Apps

Notes app has been upgraded to much more like

  •  you can add check list to do items with just a tap
  • add content from Safari, maps directly to note.
  • access camera from the app to add photos
  • will be available for mac, iPad and iPhone

Maps App has been updated

  • . It Comes with new features like
  • A new transit view that includes public transportation like bus, trains and subways
  • Support many of the world’s most traveled cities
  • Will help you find nearby shops, restaurants and you will also be able to see which location accepts apple pay.

Introducing a new App to iOS9: News App

  • Now choose articles, stories from millions of topic with the all new News App
  • Presented in a more beautiful way, that makes reading more interesting
  • All you data about you interest are kept private and never shared with third parties
  • Will be available in UK, USA and Australia

iOs enhances the apps and features you use everyday by improving multitasking, search, performance, battery life and security.

Now the much Awaited and Newly Added: Apple Watch

  • Native apps are coming to the Apple Watch
  • New faces, features and functions coming in Watch OS2
  • Pick a photo from device and add it as you watch face
  • See information of third party apps on Watch
  • When charging it automatically goes to sleep mode
  • Add people to contact directly from watch
  • Use Siri to start, end workouts, and share the through social media
  • All new features of Apple Pay are also available on Apple Watch
  • A good New for Developers, they can no do great things with new watchkit and will have greater access to hardware features.
  • Directly control your house lights from watch with homekit.

Watch 2 OS will available to users for free from this fall.

Introducing Apple Music: A Streaming Music Service

  • Apple now brings new Rich experience to music with Apple Music service
  • Groundbreaking A 24/7 global radio station
  • Million of track available to stream from
  • With features like guest host, artist interviews, news and more
  • Search and stream millions of songs on itunes
  • Artists can also connect with their fans through Apple Music
  • Now Discover music a better way similar  beats, but with a different UI
  • Now watch thousand of videos without ads
  • Ask Siri you play top 10 greatest hits from March 1989 and guess  you are on

Apple music will be available from june 30 in 100 countries for iPhone, Ipad, ipod touch with iOS 8.4. A good fro Android and windows user, they will also Apple music by this fall. And it will be available for $9.99 with first three months free (Poor Apple)

Nothing much About

  • iPhone 6s or 7
  • Apple TV

Well all the fans across the globe must be disappointed as no major announcement abut the iPhone 6s or 7 took place. Earlier there were announcements about iPhone 5, 5c and 6, 6plus in the former years. Must be something cooking in Tim Cooks mind- Who knows 🙂

Well, that’s all that took place today. The event ended up Tim Cook thanked the Apple team and all the guest. All the major announcements are presented before you in a form of list. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.