Kotlin – Newest Programming Language for Android Development

May 17, 2017 by     No Comments    Posted under: Technology News

With all the other Announcements for Google & Android this year in the biggest Technical Event i.e Google I/O. The team of Android solved the biggest pain for the Android Developers by Officially announcing the New Programming Language named as Kotlin, an Open Source & Statically typed programming language which was developed in 2011 and get officially released by JetBrains in may 2017. It is very concise to write the same code & compiles as quick as Java with the same level of safe programming.

See below Kotlin in Action:

Move on with the advance features of New programming language, Kotlin. Which is going to rule over this year,2017 and several years ahead in the field of Mobile App development. It is 100% interoperable with Java and Android. Kotlin got used by many Companies yet to update their Applications like Pinterest, Gradle, Uber, Flipboard, Evernote etc.

Best 5 Features of Kotlin new programming language

Kotlin Cost Nothing

Yes Kotlin, a Newest programming language for Java and JavaScript platforms cost nothing. It’s an open Source under which they have opened the access to snapshot builds and source code. Which helps developers to explore their creativity with the coding without spending any bucks for that. Open Source platforms also help the New developers who are the just beginners in the field of development free source work as a motivation to work more and more until We didn’t get satisfied.

Compatible with All Java Frameworks

Kotlin is compatible with all the frameworks and libraries of the Java which is very much beneficial for the developers to get in touch with it in very quick way. All the Mobile App Developers will be happy to know about Kotlin’s compiler which emits bytecode. Kotlin can call Java, and Java can call Kotlin. This part of interoperation between the two languages” is a large part of Kotlin’s appeal to the Android team.

Easy To Learn

It is easily approachable and can be learned in a few hours by simply reading the language reference. The syntax is clean and intuitive. Kotlin looks a lot like Scala but is simpler. This Simplicity makes developers able to review the code easily and in a good manner. Beginners passed out or working as fresher will be definitely benefited by the release of Kotlin New programming language. which makes them Easy to learn that and develop wonderful apps in future.


Adopting Kotlin Is a Low Risk

Kotlin is highly suitable for Java shops. If you spend all day working on big Java codebases then you should investigate Kotlin because of its strong commercial support from an established company, Jetbrains which is committed to the project and has a large and highly skilled team working on it. Kotlin classes export a Java API that looks similar to that of regular Java code. Kotlin focuses on readable syntax, Which helps developers to review code easily

Safe language

It Avoids entire classes of errors such as null pointer exceptions. Kotlin protects you from mistakenly operating on nullable types And if you check a type is right, the compiler will auto-cast it for you. Kotlin gets fails at compile-time whenever a NullPointerException may be thrown at run-time which makes it extra superior and Secure language than others. hence, It can be used with any of the language, framework which make it versatile alongside With Secure programming language.

Note: For more Deep vision regarding Kotlin new programming language, you can visit the official Website here Kotlin.