Google IO 2015 – Quick Overview in form of a list

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So below what Google IO 2015 had as part of its announcements we have been waiting for

Android M Developer Preview:

  1. More control with App Wear permissions. If not provided it will ask on access & revoke them, Just like iOS
  2. Improved Web experience with Chrome custom tabs described via Pinterest app. Again, Just like Safari works on iOS
  3. App linking, Apps can now claim links via menifesting them in app itself
  4. Mobile payments with Android Pay just like Apple Pay
  5. Standardized Fingerprint support, embedded into Android. Which any developer can use wit just an API
  6. 2X Battery with new feature called “Doze” which senses device’s movement to put it to sleep.  & Fast charging with Type C USB
  7. Many Other small features include: simplified volume controls

Android Wear updates:

  1. Glanceable, Actionable & Effortless
  2. Always ON apps like Google Keep & Map turn the screen B/W
  3. Wrist gestures to move through notifications
  4. Include drawable emoji search
  5. Voice inputs & Accelerometer and Gyroscope are added for calculating direction & speed

Google Cardboard:

  1. There will be an improved Cardboard viewer to fit upto 6″ phones
  2. Has a new button which works with every phone & is not magnet
  3. Cardboard SDK will be available for Android & iOS
  4. Announced expeditions, which has a connected experience with one controller tablet & multiple viewer phones & cardboards
  5. Introduced JUMP, which includes opensource 16 camera RIG which you can make from off the shelf stuff, GoPro came in as partner to build & sell Rigs
  6. JUMP system includes a Google Assembler which understands depth & improves the images captured by RIG & make them one.
  7. Youtube will be supporting stereoscopic 3D Videos  made with JUMP via Cardboard.

Internet of things with Nest & Android Teams:

  1. Project Brillo launched as OS for IoT having HAL, Kernel & Android derived from Android
  2. Weave: A singular communication layer to connect cloud, Brillo devices & Phones(Hopefull any OS like Android & iOS). It has a Developer API & is Cross platform
  3. Direct configuration with Android Devices using Weave & Brillo. The IoTs will be configured in a standardized way in Android

Google Photos:

  1. Pinch Gesture to zoom in & out of timemap of photos
  2. Organize pictures based on people, places & things AUTOMATICALLY. Search pictures based on people, places or things happened
  3. Photo assistant, shows you presentations of pictures & videos, basically Auto Awesome. Which lives on your phone & you are able to edit
  4. Easy to share & save with simple press & drag to select big group and simply can share them with a link, Just like Dropbox.
  5. Google Photos will store unlimited photos for upto 16MP pictures and 1080p videos & is available today

Other special announcements

  1. Google is investing in Machine learning & improving  speech recognition with something called Neural Nets which is a layer based hierarchical learning method.
  2. Google Now can now assist more better by bringing all the relative information based on your current condition. It does it by understanding your context with new context engine, giving answers on based on 1B entities & help you take actions in apps. Starting with 100 pilot apps like Uber & Instacart which will be integrated in the Google Now. Google now will act based on what whats on screen & what you are doing.
  3. Better Google Translate, Offline webpage Access with chrome, Lighter search version, Youtube offline version and Offline Maps with search, auto-complete & reviews.
  4. Offline maps also support Turn by Turn navigation
  5. Android studio 1.3 will be available with support for C/C++,
  6. Launching Polymer which makes it easy to add standard features like menus, maps &
  7. Launched Cloud Test lab to test apps on top 20 Android phone via Developer console
  8. Firebase & Google Cloud platform to help make apps faster
  9. Cloud messaging will be available for iOS with Android & Chrome with Topics subscriptions
  10. Universal App campaigns will push your app to all Google networks
  11. Analytics like Conversion funnel will be available for Google Play app listing.
  12. Create your own company page on Google Play with marketing stuff like banners & info
  13. Chromecast now has HBO Now along with Android.

Nothing much about:

  1. Driverless cars
  2. Project ARA 🙁
  3. Android Auto & Android TV

Well, this was just a list of things announced by Google, organised by us  in a simple & quickly understandable version. A more in-depth article will be coming soon. So, Do return!