Blackberry Keyone: New Blackberry Smartphone Arrives In May 2017

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TCL is all geared up to take the world of smart phones by storm with Blackberry Keyone smartphone. It will be available for purchase in USA and Canada markets in the month of May, 2017. According to the press release by TCL, the device manufacturer. Blackberry Keyone will be having its signature physical keyboard.

Pre orders for the smartphone will begin in Canada from May 18 and it will be available in USA from May 31.

In Canada, customers can buy the phone from Bell, Bell MTS, Rogers, SASKTel and TELUS BUSINESS for $199 with a two year contract.

In USA the device will be available for $549 with both GSM and CDMA networks. Sprint will be selling the device.

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Key Features(Blackberry Keyone)

  • The looks(Blackberry Keyone)

blackberry keyone

Blackberry keyone is an attractive phone with a solid finish.

Covered in aluminium body, it has Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and rubber back coating.

Furthermore it has quite a sharp resolution of 1620*1080 with 4.5 inch LCD with 3:2 aspect ratio.

12 megapixels camera that uses Sony sensor with 1.55 micron pixels.

Moreover the keyboard has glossy finish.

  • The Keyboard(Blackberry Keyone)

blackberry keyone

The QWERTY keyboard is touch sensitive and has fingerprint sensor on the space bar.

Moreover you can custom set each of the 26 keys.

You can assign each key a shortcut like ‘F’ for Facebook app speed-dial.

Furthermore just start typing to start searching in Google and you can use it to scroll without touching the screen.

You can run two apps at once and can enter information in both.

Moreover the physical keyboard offers more usable space unlike most of the other touch screen phones.

Keyone name signifies that keyboard works like a touchpad.

  • Internal Components(Blackberry Keyone)

blackberry keyone

This phone has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 Processor which is quite power efficient.

Moreover the processor gives a Glitch free performance and never puts load on the battery.

It has a large battery of 3505mAh. You can expect it to last longer than the other Android phones.

Hence the battery will last for 26 hours with normal use and will recharge 50% in 30 minutes.

Furthermore the earpiece and speakerphone comes with excellent clarity.

Therefore it gives nice call clarity to the user.

  • Security

blackberry keyone

With Android 7.1 Blackberry will be concentrating on issuing Google’s monthly security patches.

Moreover the Blackberry DTEK software monitors the phone’s status, analyzes how secure it is and gives you control over how services are able to use its functions.

TCL is standing by its commitment to revive the Blackberry phone brand. Company acknowledges the slow roll out of the Blackberry’s original devices and their inability in responding to the markets. Even though it is a whole new world for TCL but they are striving to make Blackberry Keyone a success with the customers. 

In the world of touch screen smartphones, TCL is working hard to make the keyboard an appealing factor to its clients.

The communication giant is hoping that once been the most elite phone in the world, Blackberry will see the light of success again.

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