An introduction to iOS7

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The iOS7 started with a desire to take an experience that people love and make it better. The main purpose is to design a system that is simpler, useful and enjoyable, so that it becomes more familiar. It’s the latest version of Apple’s Flagship mobile operating system; it’s almost entirely different from all the previous versions. It’s the starting of new chapter for iOS, with all new designs & -features; iOS7 is the world’s most advanced mobile OS, in its most advanced form. The major features that makes iOS 7 more advance are its simplicity, utility and Connected technology.

ios 7 new designios 7 new designios 7 new design

Simplicity is actually quite complicated

– Simplicity is often equated with minimalism; it’s all about less complexity, offering up the right things at the right place at the right time, when you need them. It makes something that always seems to just work. iOS7 is the pure representation of simplicity. Its new structure applied across the whole system, which brings clarity to the entire system. All the unnecessary buttons and bars have been removed. There is a great focus on content.

Utility is above all

– Because the value of utilities is above all. All the added new features are truly useful and technically possible. These are added in such a way that makes some sense. So every time you work with it iOS7 always lets you to work in an instantly familiar environment, so there is no need to relearn anything.

Connected Technology

– iOS 7 is connected with such kind of technologies that have dynamic interactions, cinematic animations, live and spirited experience and unexpected natural ways.

Details for every control

– There is major difference between functional and enjoyable, between particularly noticeable and pleasantly memorable, the details covers up all the differences. The only feature that delights the system is the details that are provided for every control.

Here is the official Apple introduction of the iOS7


New Features of iOS 7

Control Centre

– It’s a pull up tray that is available on your lock screen. From this page you can control many things like adjust brightness, volume, connecting through Wifi, rotation lock and Bluetooth etc.

Better Multitasking

– iOS 7 multitask between different apps, like quick turn on or off Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb just double tap the home screen and this will enter you the multitasking mode, which saves much battery consumption.

Notification Centre

– Lets you know about all the mails, missed calls, alerts, to do list, in a brief we can say – ‘Today’s all about you’. It’s a new feature in iOS7 called Today, which gives you a convenient summary of today. On a single glance you came to know about different things like birthday reminder, if there is need of an umbrella, if traffic will slow down your commute. Also you can get the details of heads –up tomorrow. These notifications can be accessed from any screen.


– iOS 7 has all the shooting formats like still, video, panorama and the square – front and centre. With a swipe, you can capture what you want and the way you want. All this is on your fingertips.


– You can apply filters to still and square photos. With the help of filters you can view the better effects of the pics. You can also remove the effect of filters at any time.
Large Storage for Photos- As life is full of special moments, and everybody has a library of photos. Here is faster, easier and more delightful ways to scroll down. Tap years and fill the screen with all your photos. You can share these photos at any moment with your friends.

AirDrops. Drop everything in the Air

– Sending a photo or document via email or text are ordinary methods, but if someone is just next to you, then emails and text takes a long step. iOS7 provides an AirDrop feature which lets you quickly and easily share photos, videos, contacts and anything else from any app with help of share button. Just tap share and then select the person you want to share with. AirDrop is highly secure. The sharing can be done one to one and one to many. You can also make yourself invisible to the nearby running iOS7. It’s depending upon the receiver that he may accept the file or not. All the contents that you shared are automatically draft at the right place where it should be like photo in photos, contact in contacts, and pass on passbooks and so on.


– The next features that enhances iOS7 is its safari mode, Where browsing is bigger, better and more beautiful. All the buttons and bars like smart search field stay hidden until you scroll to reveal them. It will display more content on your screen. These all things do not affect the speed of your system. It also offers a smart search field like if you type a URL link then safari automatically suggests the closest match to it that enhances the speed. You can also see your web pages in a consolidated view that lets you scroll effortlessly from tab to tab.

iTunes Radio

  – Listen where your music takes you , iTunes features streaming of radio stations that you love from the very first day and the best selection of music. You can also access the featured stations and stations inspired by music you choose or already listen to. You can create your new station where you can hear what you have and added to your wish list by tapping on the download the songs that’s you from iTunes.


– The next user friendly features in iOS7 that gives it a new look, new sound and new capabilities. It lets you redesign an interface that gets faded into view on the top of the whatever on your screen. Its clearer and even faster to answering the questions and it also checks more sources like Bing, Wikipedia, Twitter etc. Siri has also the capability of doing the extra tasks like playing voicemail, controlling iTunes Radio, returning calls and more.


– Find the Right App for whatever you are looking for – iOS7 provide the collection of apps that are related to your current location. Here is also a new category for kids that are helpful for the teachers and the parents to find the best app for their children. It also keeps your App store up to date.

Find Your iPhone

– A new feature that makes it different from all others, is its security. The new security of iOS7 makes harder for someone to use or sell your device, because turning off find my iPhone or erasing a device require Apple ID and Password. Even you can erase the device still it shows a custom message that Apple ID and password is required, in order to reactivate it. Which says your iPhone is still your, no matter where it is.

Although there are iOS7 is departure from the previous version, but the design changes are made by its the marketing team, that are criticized by both of the developers and the users. here are some facts about the design:

  • In the previous version the design color of the icons is very dark, but now as we described at starting about its simplicity all the icons are lightly colored and of simple design.
  • It is not completely shedding effects of 3D, there is slightly a fact of real 2.5D
  • The design of Icons is not consistent as expected by the designers. Its clearly intended to be round, but their size is too small.

At last,

Designed by Apple in California