5 Best News Apps that will Keep You In Sync With The World

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Technology nowadays, is an indispensable part of our lives and with just a click it gives solution to all our queries. It won’t be incorrect if I say that technology is infiltrating quite deeply into our daily schedules.

News and publication industry is also trying to exploit this infiltration of technology in the best possible way. If at all you are not into shuffling the newspaper for your daily news feed. Here are the best 5 news apps that will provide you with your kind of news round the clock.

news apps


  • Reuters TV App (news apps)

The perfect news delivery tool.

You can choose your programmes in accordance with your time schedule.

The TV app has 360 degree video, with only audio and clear images.

You can watch live news plus can download for active viewing.

Ads can be omitted for less than 5$ a month.

It is a free news app with 4 stars/5  on Android and iOS.

For more information you can click here:http://www.reuters.tv/



  • Newsbeat (news apps)

Newsbeat app is for those who want their news to be more audio inclined.

You can have access to the news while you are driving or in your gym.

It has news from US only

If you want to view ads free version then just shell out 9.99$ pm or else the normal version also has a nice user interface.

With 3.5 star/5, it is a free news app on Android and iOS.

For more information you can click here:http://www.newsbeat.me/


  • GreatBigStory (news apps)

You download GBS(GreatBigStory) and you will see that their content has animation, live stories and interview videos.

CNN owns it and they are putting their content on Apps, Emails and Facebook which is a great move.

Their content is focused and refreshing.

It is a free news app with 3.5 star on Web/ Android and iOS.

For more information you can click on the link here:http://www.greatbigstory.com/


  • Sidewire (news apps)

They are striving to have the best conversations on the internet.

You can put your thoughts on the subjects that matter and all your queries will be answered from the experts.

If you become an expert on the panel then you can post your content on Sidewire

They pursue some really good mind jolting debates on Sidewire.

You can follow these debates and can voice your opinion on the same as well.

Free news app with 3.5 star/5 on Android and iOS.

For more information you can click on the link here:https://sidewire.com/download


  • Unfiltered.news (news apps)

You can pick up top 100 stories from your location and can compare the reporting of the same news in other regions of the world.

Unfiltered.news has an option to translate your news in your own language.

Just follow the tutorial they provide on their web page and you can get your favorite news.

Jigsaw is the maker of this app.

Free news app with 4 stars/5 on Web.

For more information you can click here:https://unfiltered.news/#/2017/04/16/in


What say guys? Which app is line to be one of your news feed app?

I am quite sure by know you all are very clear in your choice to pick your news app. If not then, these 5 news apps will help you decide.

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