The Virtual Reality: What you should Know

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Imagine you are just sitting in your living room and strolling through the ancient cities of Egypt, flying with the clouds, walking in the jungle with Avatar- ‘Now Imagine’. Virtual Reality is something that promises to deliver a whole new experience to you, All you need to to do is put on the VR Goggles and you are somewhere else, in a whole new different world.

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Virtual reality is computer simulated environment that transports a person to anywhere, without going no-where. The world of Virtual reality is taking a new shape with the tech Giants like Google, Sony, Samsung entering in with their VR headset devices promising to provide user’s with whole new experience and take to different level. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Some of the Newly Introduced Virtual Reality Devices

Oculus Rift 

Oculus Rift is an upcoming Virtual Reality Headset from Oculus VR. Oculus Rift promises to deliver whole new experience with its ultra wide view, that let’s you enter the gaming and virtual world. Oculus Rift uses custom tracking technology to provide user’s with 360° view similar to real life view. Earlier Oculus has released two development DK1(2012), DK2 (2014) and now they are set to release Oculus Rift soon.

Some key Specifications

  • 360 Degree Head tracking
  • Light Weight and Comfortable to wear
  • Stereoscopic 3D View
  • Ultra wide view of the virtual world

Status: Developers Kit Available


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Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Electronic announced their Virtual reality device Gear VR at the MWC 2015. Samsung Gear VR is based on Oculus hardware and works dedicatedly with VR player in the Galaxy Note 4. Samsung Gear VR promises to deliver movie experience one like Cinemas and also provide you with rich Gaming Experience.

Some Key Specifications

  • 96 Degree view Angle
  • Focal Adjustments- Near and Far
  • Physical Buttons, touchpad,backkey,volume key
  • Comfortable and lightweight

Samsung gear VR

Status: Available


Order Here:

HTC Re Vive

HTC also came up with their Virtual reality device HTC Re Vive at the MWC 2015. HTC vive looks very cool, a one like Allien thing. The device is quite big, but delivers an virtual experience that will blow your mind. The HTC Re Vive is powered by Valve’s VR platform. The device comes with two consoles that will give you mind blowing Virtual experience.

Some Key Specifications

  • 1200 x 1080 pixel screen with 90fps
  • Audio input
  • Cutom game controllers
  • USB ports

Status: Will be available at the end of 2015


Mattel View Master

Mattel the largest toy manufacture has collaborated with Google to bring their iconic toy view master a 21st century twist. Earlier, view master was only a photo viewer and now it can take you to the virtual world by inserting your smartphone into it and bingo you are in another new world.

Some Key Specifications

  • Very Lightweight and confortable
  • 3D view
  • Affordable- $30 only

Status: Expected to release till September 2015


Sony Morpheus 

Sony announced their Virtual reality headset, named Project Morpheus at the Games developer conference. The VR device is in prototype phase and is expected to land the market in first half of 2016. The Sony VR device work with Playstation 4 and promises to deliver never forgetting experience taking gaming to another level.

Some key specifications

  • 90 Degree field view
  • 5 inch display
  • Sensors- Accelerometer, Gyroscope
  • HDMI, USB ports
  • 3D Audio

Status: Expected to release in 2016


Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft has also entered into the game of Virtual Reality with it’s VR Headset Hololens. Microsoft Hololens  is more that Virtual Reality, it  is a augmented Virtual operating system. Microsoft Hololens is capable of blending your Virtual and real world into one seamless Virtual headset. Microsoft Hololens promises to take you beyond the screen with it’s Kinect-style camera, gesture and voice control and motion sensing technology. Microsoft Hololens also allows you make Skpye calls while doing other things.

Status:  Microsoft Hololens is expected to release soon.


Wrapping Up: The Virtual Reality

Before 90’s the Virtual reality technology suck up millions of dollars and ended up fading into science fiction. But now with all the tech Giants entering into Virtual world technology and making it into reality, the anticipation is growing. Virtual reality has taken since Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus for $2 Billion. Tech Giant’s like Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Sony has already entered the race, but no news from Apple‘s hood. Virtual Reality is now coming in various shapes, colors and sizes and will take us into whole new Scifi world.

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