Terminator Genisys: How far is current AI tech from making a mean machine like T800

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2015, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is ruling the movie world. This year we saw number of human and super human traits on-screen demonstrated by artificially intelligent robots in movies like Avengers: Age of Ultrons, Ex Machina, Chappie, some good/some devilish. And now there’s another one set out release, as he often promises Arnold Schwarzenegger is back once again as the iconic T-800 as an agent of the Skynet, an Artificial Intelligence system in the upcoming sci-fi thriller “Terminator Genisys”.

Artificial Intelligence has been popular in the science fiction books and movies from long ago. Artificial Intelligence has been on considerable rise in the recent years. But their has been serious worries that Artificial Intelligence could be a existential threat to the human race. As predicted by the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking and Tesla founder Elon musk here.

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When taken a look at the trailer of the upcoming “Terminator Genisys” and it’s prequels, we can see T-800 helping out human by killing machines from the same planet, he belongs to. Thus showing us the good and bad side of the machines. But the question here is, is it really possible that we can expect such mean machines like this in future.

Connecting Robotics with Artificial Intelligence

We are all quite familiar with the recent developments that has taken place in the world of robotics. Unmanned Ariel vehicles or drones which are an integral part of military operations, brain powered robots being developed and their are also speculations that brain powered weapons are also under development ( now that’s evil). But there’s a difference between these robots and mean machines like T-800 and that difference is Artificial Intelligence. If drones and robots are employed with artificial intelligence, they will be capable of taking their own decisions like a drone will be able to decide when and whom to attack that may sound good for some people, but it will be an answer to the question Artificial Intelligence a threat to human race.

How far is Current AI tech from making a mean machine like T-800?

Is the Terminator Scenario possible? Can we have mean machines like T-800 in the future? And If yes “How far are we”?

Well that is a fascinating question. We can compare the innovations and developments that are taking place in the world of Artificial Intelligence similar to developments of computers, internet, smartphones. If we go back in the 1940s, no one would have thought of Internet, Smartphones, computers. We are presently in the same phase, it is actually fascinating to imagine that these intelligent machines can exist and will look like humans, act like humans, have desires and emotions like humans. But, if these machines started thinking becoming self-aware like humans, acting like them there can also be a possibility that they can be a threat to mankind, which in a way can be dangerous also, as being portrayed in the movies over time.

Well these are all speculations, the real question is do we really need mean machines like T-800 to protect us as we are smart enough to take care of our self. Please let us know what you think.