Pebble- A new Smartwatch on your way


Pebble Technology corporation is planning to announce something big tomorrow. The countdown to the announcement which stared four days ago is coming to an end and the anxiety is growing. It just few hours away from us all. The company is speculated to reveal major update to the existing smart watch.The smart watch is seen as a tough competition to Apple Watch- which is set to release in April 2015. The Pebble Website is showing a countdown timer pointing to the announcement’s due date Which is Tuesday – 10:00 A.M. (EST).

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According to reports by 9to5MAC the new model to be released will have a Wider Screen and a Color display. The upgraded watch will have a thinner design and improved backlight. But Sadly, the Smartwatch will not be touch enabled like the Apple watch and Android wear and battery life will also be same as earlier.

The new device will run on a upgraded version of Pebble’s operating system long with addition of microphone and nuance voice-recognition software. The new Pebble watch will focus on alerts and notification. Users can now expect list of notifications such as emails, social notifications on the screen, with charging and data transfer pins at the bottom of the watch for easy transfers of data.

Peeble- a Kickstarter project founded in 2013 has turned into a global brand and has build their name in the smartwatch market for themselves. It also appears to us that the smartwatch manufacturer has been planning an offensive strategy to get customer’s attention and build a sound customer base.

The Kickstarter Project is expected to give a tough competition to other giants in the smartwatch market. Initially, the smart will not be available for sale on the official website but through Kickstarter. A Speculation that the price of the smart watch will be close to price of the Pebble Steel model, which is available in market for 199$.

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The smartwatch market is growing at a very high pace and with the new companies entering the market, it will be interesting to see who leads. For now, the most interesting will be to watch out how Pebble steels the limelight from the tech giant Apple.

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