Microsoft Releases New Version of Bing for iOS7

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From the date of release of iOS7 all the developers are busy in launching the updated iOS versions of their Apps. In June 2013, Eddy Cue (senior vice president of Internet Software and Services for Apple) declared the Bing integration with iOS7 as part of the announcements at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). From that day Microsoft has been also doing the same , Now it launches a new version of Bing for iOS. bing1

Updates in Bing for iOS7

Here is the list of the updates in Bing App for iOS7:

  • Bing for iOS7 is not only a new modern experience, but its results are also tied into Siri. Its deal of Apple stuck with Microsoft to make Bing the default Search engine on Siri. The Company makes it, while keep in mind that users would not open up a browser for searching query. When you ask the question using Siri, it automatically redirect to the results. These results may be a web link, related search, image or video. In this release Bing is no longer trying to be search engine.siri2
  • The other improvement that is included in the App is the addition of home page. A combination of four tiles for the quick access of the information like – checking the local weather, trends, nearby local businesses, and images etc.
  • The new Bing iOS redesigned its navigation menu also.
  • It also allow its users to share and sync the saved images and screenshots to the skydive except Facebook or Twitter

What is Siri?

Siri feature in iOS7 that gives it a new look, new sound and new capabilities. It lets you redesign an interface that gets faded into view on the top of the on your screen. Its clearer and even faster to answering the questions and it also checks more sources like Bing, Wikipedia, Twitter etc. Siri has also the capability of doing the extra tasks like playing voice mail, controlling iTunes Radio, returning calls and more.

How It Works?siri1

Similar to iOS6, you can open Siri by simply holding and pressing on the Home Button, but still it seems different. Siri fades in and the background of the screen or app whatever is opened gets blurred.

Tap the microphone button. It will modulating your request, as you speak the vocal waves appeared and when you finish your command, the waves form into a spinning circle, which means the device communicate with the remote server to answer your question.

You can even change your preferences, simply passing the voice command to the Siri like “Turn off Bluetooth”, “Open Notification Center Settings”, “ Open Accessibility”. It will find the answers of your questions, if it successful then a message show on your screen “OK, I turned on Bluetooth”, “OK, I opened the accessibility” and if it is not found then a pop-up shown on your screen “Sorry, I Don’t Understand, but i can search the Web for it”

To Download the Bing app for iOS7 Click Here