Microsoft Lands Outlook App For Android And IOS

Jan 30, 2015 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Latest Technology, Reviews, Tech Trends, Technology News


Microsoft’s fully-featured version of Outlook Lands to IOS and Android. The launch comes soon after Microsoft’s acquisition of Acompli in early December. Microsoft delivers handsful of features in new Outlook, one’s that are not found in other Email Apps.

The new Outlook Apps will be somewhat identical to Acompli. The outlook App is built from Acompli code base and users will find a similar experience as with Acompli app,  but an updated version is promised soon- says Julia White Microsoft general manager of Office.

Here’s What It Look’s Like

The app offers to manage your work and personal Emails on your smart devices similarly as you do on your desktop variants. You can also scheduled your messages, with the calendar feature that let’s you  schedule your meetings, you can send invites with messages as reminders to your mates, I used it and it is quite a good concept and simple to use.


The App also lets you integrate all your files or attachment from Dropbox, Google Drive, one drive with your outlook app for higher productivity. Three’s also tab named people, here you will find your most recent contacts and your can send them emails, share files and more, Which I think is simple concept, but one’s that was ignored in other apps. There’s also a quick filter tab that shows you unread messages, flagged messages and files.



The good news is that the app is available for free on Appstore and Google Play. It supports Outlook 365,, Yahoo Mail, Gmail,  ICloud and all other major email services. Earlier Microsoft had a mobile version of Outlook through its outlook web app, which was also available on IOS and Android. But the app was limited only to Office 365 users which was lacking in terms of user experience and was also slow loading.

Outlook for Android will be in preview for few months. This might be Microsoft’s strategy, as there are simply more Android devices out there and the company looks for some feedback from users.

Wrap up

The new outlook App is incredibly fast, switching between accounts, selecting messages, moving them, I mean you can manage all these things very fast. If you are just bored of using Gmail app, here’s the solution download it now from Appstore and Googleplay. In the end, the outlook app is really speedy, efficient to use and is definitely worth the download.