How can apps make office relocation less troublesome?

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In a complex world of modern business innovations, changes have become an inevitable precondition for professional success. They happen within a company, where people circulate between different teams and collaborate on many levels, but also experience changes in terms of their work places. If you work in an international company, you might get a chance to move to another country and keep up your good work. In such a situation you will need some of the cutting-edge apps to alleviate the hardship of office relocation. The same goes for entire companies, too.

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Assess inventory packing

Instead of making approximate assessment about the inventory you have in your office, you can use software tools to do that on your behalf. For instance, the Moveline app can help you make an estimate on the packing in general. You only have to make a video of the old office and the furniture. When you send it to the site, you will get recommendations on the amount of bags and boxes necessary for the moving process, together with a list of moving companies that might suit your moving needs. Also, a personal assistant is assigned to every office mover that opts for this app.

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Smooth employee relocation

When an employee has to move to a different subsidiary within the same company, it is important to hold the purse (and every other) strings during that process, so that the company cuts the expenses and the workers on the move does not fall behind with their tasks. The Santa Fe Relo app, available both for Apple and Android devices, equips employees and companies with track-planning and relocation tools that make their communication much easier. That way every moving worker knows what his or her tasks are and the app also reminds them if they have not finished any of the tasks while on the move.

Bit-by-bit checklist

Moving large offices, together with their employees and all the furniture, must be done efficiently, to avoid losing important data or devices. With the help of the Smartsheet program, you can move to your new premises without too much stress. You just tell the program when you are going to move in and it will create your day-by-day moving schedule. In addition, this program enables you to distribute special tasks to your employees, share the schedule sheet with them and keep a record of the whole process.

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Additional assistance

Using apps to help you with the moving process also gives you feedback on the ability of your employees and managers to finish the process on their own. Some companies expect from their workers to participate in the process of office relocation. However, if the load of work that your apps calculate turns out to be too demanding for the employees, it is important to count on a back-up solution, such as additional labour hire for the process of moving your company’s belongings. Moreover, you need to familiarize with what kind of labour help there is.

Technology helps every field of modern work organization. Thanks to handy apps, everybody can relocate their office(s) and workers in a smooth way, with minimum expenses.