Brain Powered Robots Developed By Chinese Military Research Center

Jun 17, 2015 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Knowledge Base, Tech Trends


Its always surprising what our brains is capable of doing. Our brain is capable of doing things that we can’t even understand. Being the largest brain of all vertebrates relative to body size, human brain is capable of doing a lot of things. Can you imagine that their’s enough electricity in your brain that it can light a small bulb. When we look at the past human brain has done a lot of things some good and some devilish.

We all are aware of the innovations in the world of robotics. Researchers of Chinese Military Research Center has recently developed a robot that can be controlled by brain. The robot is controlled by a electrode cap worn by the pilot. The electrode cap collects the brain waves and sends them to the computer and the computer further gives commands to the robot to take the action.

(courtesy: youtube)

Wrapping Up: Brain Powered Robot

This discovery is of a major indication for the future of robotics. Well for know we can only say that we might finally get brained powered cars and phones in the future, that would be more convenient than brain powered guns. So, What you think of this innovation, please let us know in the comments below.