Best Portable Drones in the Market Today

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Drones are one of the most popular gadgets these days. From military operations to personal use for fun we can see drones being used everywhere. For now there are plenty of drones fitted with cameras to record videos, capture images, drones to carry weight from one place to another and much more – you name it and there’s a drone for it.

Their are also news that companies which specialize in delivery of goods are already testing drones for using them to deliver goods. In future you might sky filled by flying bot delivering goods to you. So, here we round up some of the best portable drones you can use for fun and for your personal entertainment.

DJI Inspire1:

Inspire1 tops our list of the best portable drones for personal use. Inspire1 is the latest device from the dji the famous drone manufacturer. DJI’s all new Inspire1 is loaded with high-end specifications like camera that shoots 4k videos at 360 fps and 1080 pixels at 60 fps and is also capable of taking 12 mp stills. You can use you iPad or Android tablet to monitor the actions of Inspire1. Inspire1 comes with 5700 mAh battery which gives you 20 minutes of fly time. You can also see live HD view on you android device or iPad and frame your shots accordingly. Inspire1 can transmit live video from upto 2 kilometers of distance perfect for property surveying, Ariel photography and more.

Available for $2899 on

Parrot Bebop:

The next one to make to our list is the Parrot bebop. Parrot features a 1080p camera that record videos at 30 fps and can take stills at 14 mp wih built-in stabilization for shake controls. Parrot Bebop has a WiFi range upto 1.5 miles embedded with GPS with built-in home function. This drone is a perfect for making home videos, amateur film making, capturing videos of your surroundings, property surveying, Ariel photography, spying on neighbors wink) and more. Parrot Bebop connects with your smartphones and gives you a live feed of whatever you are looking at. Despite all the cool features, it will take a bit for you master the piloting of Parrot Bebop.

Available for $499 on

3D Robotics X8+:

With flying capacity 15 minutes and payload capacity of 800 grams X+8 from 3D Robotics Inc. is the next one to make it to our list. It has a follow me function that allows it to fly along a moving android device on the ground, which can be used for capturing individual activities like running  biking, hiking, and more. With payload capacity of 800 gm and 1 kg (with reduced fly time) you can use your high-end camcorders to record videos. Basically X8+, is very cool drone for spying around your property, capturing nature, Ariel photography and making your days filled with fun.

Available for $1350 on 

Walkera Tali H500:

Walkera Tali H500 is a six blade drone that promises to give you a rich experience and also there are chances that it will land in one piece. The drone is superbly built and comes with a landing gear. The Tali H500 also comes with GPS return to home and is powered by 5400 mAh battery that delivers 25 mins of flying time. Similar to DJI Inspire1, Tali H500 comes out the box ready to fly and is equipped with walkera’s own iLook camera+ go pro style camera and also comes with F12e radio transmitter for controlling and viewing the activities of the drone.

Available for  $999 on

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+:

And the last one to make it to our list is the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. Phantom 2 Vision plus is one of the most stylishly presented drone in the market. It is ready to fly straight out of the box device and is equipped with 14 mp go pro style camera integrated with 3-axis gimbal that ensure smooth video footage. The drone can be perfectly connected to your smartphone whether android or iOS device turning your device into FPV (first person view) aircraft. Although, the drone from DJI are bit priced up, but they are perfect for you personal use like the one I earlier mentioned.

Available for $999 on

Wrapping Up: Best Portable Drones

So, we rounded up some of the best portable drones available in the market for your personal entertainment. The market offers several choices of drones with variety of features from all price ranges. If you are looking for cheaper drone for fun and entertainment, I would recommend Parrot bebop ($500), you can simply fly it using you smartphone and if you want a separate console to fly it you got to spend some extra penny for that. On the contrary if you want a fully functional drone with more battery life, more flying capacity and some additional features, I would recommend DJI Ispire1 and Walkera Tali H500 but they can be bit expansive. This was our take on some of the best portable drones in the market today. So, what do you think of our picks, please let us know in the comments section below.