Amazon Unveiled The Kindle Fire HDX High Resolution Tablets

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As Always Kindle Fire Tablets are handed over as a portal to Amajon’s massive store of contents, this year Company introduces the Kindle Fire HDX. A new version of Kindle Fire Tablet known as HDX models, features with High Resolutions Screen which beats the Resolution of Apple iPad, which was introduced the concept of Super-High Resolution Tablet Screen with its Retina Display just Last Year. These Tablets are available in 7-inch and 8.9-inch sizes with an updated version of OS 3.0 and is known as “Mojito”.hd1

Design Specification

Both the Tablets are powered by 2.2 GHz, Four-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, which has three times better performance than its previous one. Adreno 330 graphics which has four times better performance than the previous one and 2GB of RAM. Their displays has 100% RGB Color Accuracy and fewer glares and a new feature Fly that adjust contrast According to the lighting environment you are in. Here are the facts that differentiate both the Tablets.hd2

7-inch Kindle Fire HDX – Its Display resolution is 1920X1200 with 323ppi with front-facing camera. Its case is thinner and lighter than its previous version with power and volume buttons on the back.

8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX – Its Display resolution is 2560X1600 with 339ppi. It is featured with front-facing camera and 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with LED flash. Its weight is 13.2 owns. Amazons says “it’s the lightest full-size tablet, so easy to pick up that it feels more like a hollow model than something stuffed with electronics”

Design Featurehd3

Except the hardware the company also launches the software and services updates for the devices. Here is the list of Design Features:

SOS Alert – A feature sing this Amazon’s Technical support team that helps to answers your queries via a video Call. It’s toll free and available 24 hours. The company says “thinks virtual Apple Genius Bar.”

Instant Prime – An Amazon App that following YouTube’s leads. It allows its user to download the video for offline consumption.

User content is scooped up and synced by cloud connections, which keeps all of the user devices up to date with Books, Newspapers, magazines and Apps.

Grid View – It seems that you are using iOS and Android. All the Books, Movies, Music and Apps are represented in grids.

An App Switcher – Swiping in from the Side Bar allows you to go back quickly to the recent stuff you had viewed.

 A left- Navigation Menu – For the quick access of menus Amazon adds their own app for the quick access to the menu that you add in the Navigation menu.

Mayday Button– Mayday button provide on device technical support. Simply tap the Mayday button and connects with the amazon experts.

Second Screen TV Features – A Screen that lets you more about what you are watching.

X-Ray for Music– Lets you display the lyrics of the Song which is playing right Now. You can tap on the lyrics to jump around in the audio.

Pricing and Availability

The 7-inch tablet of 16 GB is available for $229 and for an LTE compatable device its price is $329. The 8.9 inch tablet of 16 GB is available for $349 and for an LTE compatible device its price is 479. For Pre-order the Device Click Here 

The Simple 7 inch Tablet shipping start from 15th of October and 4G version would be started in later month and the 8.9 inch Kindle Device start shipping from 7th of November and in December it will start shipping for 4G devices.
Here are the TV spots for latest feature “Mayday”