Stand In – An App for Real Time Testing

Sep 26, 2013 by     No Comments    Posted under: Startups

Many times you required the interactive protocols for the testing of real time changes. Stand In is the App for you that let you create interactive design from Photoshop, for testing in real-time without the interaction of developer and any updates on your mobile platform. It would be an essential tool for every designer for bringing mobile design to life.stand2 As we all know it is very difficult to explain the interactive components with the help of still frames. Sometimes client would not be able to understand through the process of thoughts and it would be create more confusion for him to understand the designs instead of excitement. It would be better for someone to understand that how an App design works after you launch the Photoshop adds screen and animation instead of telling about it to someone. This experience of prototyping lets the users to increases the communication between everyone who is involved in production process. It’s a prototype that feels native, give a chance to its creator to check how the components work and interact with each other. To get the Interactive design from the Photoshop using Stand In Signup Here.


Stand In has the following properties: Interactive – As it is for real-time testing, we can say it’s a move-on from the previous boring static screen. All the Buttons like current state, content that scroll and the live text make this App more interactive.stand1 Motion – It’s an App for people that start showing them instead of telling them. It brings your prototype to life with screen transition and animation. Secure – There is secure communication among the device, their server and Photoshop. Every Bit of the prototype is encrypted using industry grade SSL. Real Time Design- Design and check your prototype in the real time. All the changes that are made in Photoshop, Stand In send them to your mobile for the real time updated view.