Hammerhead – Smart Navigation System for Bikes

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Nobody is unaware about the Automotive Navigation System that is designed for use in Automobiles & GPS System – a device that is mainly used for locate the position of the user. Till now this system is mainly embedded into heavy vehicles like buses, trucks cars, but imagine the same idea for cycling community is the different one. Hammerhead Navigation has created a unique system that can communicate with your smart phone & navigate the streels and lanes. Its a Hammer shape device that can be attached with the handle bar of your bike navigate the way through the matrix  of LEDs. These LEDs provide turn by turn direction. It’s a first device that provides the navigation to bikes.head2

Creative Idea

The creative idea has been invented by a Piet Morgan who biked New Heaven CT, to San Franscisco CA to raise money for humality, in 2006. This trip made significant problems associated with the lack of way to navigate on a bike. They don’t have the proper Navigation Map, that’s why they use the paper map and at a very short distance they are make marks on the road with the chalk, so that it would be helpful for the other groups to follow the right directions.

Prototype Processhead1

Before getting the Prototype in hand it has gone through the various phases from clay Model to embedded electronics circuits inside the hammer. While going through the prototyping process Piet describes, “We have gone through several versions of the product. I actually made the very first version out of clay last year. I was able to attach it to a bike and modify it to the size and shape that I thought were most compelling. After the clay version I had to figure out how to create its internal electronics – which I started to prototype on perf board using Arduino electronics. After a few versions of this, we were able to start housing the electronics in various shells. The form factor and vision of the product has remained relatively unchanged from its first incarnation in clay. It has taken a year to build the fully functioning prototypes that now represents the original vision”.

They also developed an App for iPhone & Android that can give you suggestion regarding the crowd source that is based on your prefrence. It helps a lot in battery saving of the phone, because once the path has been selected it will connects with your phone using bluetooth, which allows the phone to remain safely with screen lock.


Design Features

Except the waterproof, shockproof and day/night visibuilty here is the list of its design features:head3

Related Informtions – Without the help of text, graphics and audio clips it provides you the exact information that is required by you. All the information that is provided to you is in clear & distilled manner. No matter what is the condition of the wheather its LEDs & Signal provide the direction at each and every point.

Discover your Path – Using the Apps that were designed for Android and iPhone you can discover out your path. You can select the ride based on your choice like hills, scenery, difficult & distance. It help you to keep on track at each & every moment.

Share the Knowledge – Using this you can also share the ride or knowledge about the paths instantly with your friends. Instead of takking about some path, sharing of path is easiest way to share the ride with your friends.

Live Status- It provide you the each step of your movemnt in segments like start, turn, distance to turn, Arrival, distance to destination, distance to top of the climb, warning, U-turn, Segment Speed, Required Speed, Achual Speed & Red-Dot Sliding Compass for off-Road movement.

Long Battery Life – As stated it is connected through the bluetooth, it can run for 5 hours countinuesly connected with your smart phone. It has embedded with LiPo technology to get device recharged with micro USB, and can give backup upto 20 hours.

Provide Accurate Location – App designed for Hammerhead load the route first and as it uses GPS system, you can get a more accurate location. You don’t have the need to for the settellite charts.

Location Sharing – This is most exctiting feature of the Hammerhead that is Bike Sharing you can share the location and it also providce you the details of the nearest point.