Finido – Helps To Manage Your To-Do-List

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In Our daily life we have the list of tasks, in which some are close to the deadline but less important and while others have the time in deadline but more important and it is very often, we always use our time in a wrong way by choosing less important and easy tasks, even sometime we spend time thinking about which task we have to start instead of working on any of the task. Sometime when we work for the whole day, still we have the fear that whether we choose the best task according to time or we should done some another one. It would be better if have the list of tasks on the priority bases and we have overview of all the tasks in the whole day, you are always on track and would not any need to worry about tomorrow.fin7

Finido is the solution to manage your tasks. It’s an App that helps you to manage your tasks according to your day work. It meets all of your deadline on time. It always provides you the overview of your whole day task list. Before Finido there is App that is for manage your task list known as To-Do-List, but it would not be helpful to you to select which is the best task at present moment.

Idea behind the App

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The innovative idea behind the app has been taken Eisenhower matrix. Dwight D. Eisenhower is the 34th president of United States. During his presidency from 1953 to 1961 he takes tough decisions daily and simplify them with the help of his own algorithm known as Eisenhower principle. It’s a matrix of 4-squares with urgency along x-axis and importance along y-axis. This would help the developer to create an App like Finido, which list your faily tasks according to the priority.


Finido’s Algorithm

It’s a Custom Algorithm developed to help you, to complete the tasks in best order. The algorithm works on the principal of importance and urgency, which gives you the most time between to complete and meet the deadline of your task. It simply divides your all tasks into two lists: one consisting of the list of those tasks that should meet their deadline today and another provide the overview of your tasks. Its artificial intelligence lets you know about to start the task which is nearby its deadline. It has a view named “Today” present you the list of all of your tasks according to the priority. This view has also a progress bar that shows how much time remains in finishing the current task.

 Pricing and Availability

If you are interested in Finido’s Artificial Intelligence Click Here to download the app for iPhone.. It is available only at $1.99. Its Mac and iPad version are expected to launch in early 2014.

How to Add New Tasksfin3


If you want to add a new task, simply tap the ‘+’ button on the top right corner on the screen. It will ask you to fill the required column like – enter a name, priority, category, due date. In which factors like due date and priority helps Finido to schedule your tasks accordingly. The category option changes the color indicator for the item.




Although The Algorithm behind Finido is a complex one, but it helps the users intended toward the simplicity. It will be very helpful for entrepreneurs those who have long term schedules.

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