Comovee – A Web-Based Carpool Platform

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Many time you had an experience of sharing the ride with your colleagues and friends while you are on the same work and on the same destination. Now Comovee is the new startup of the same kind that helps companies to create their own system of sharing or we can say turn your co-worker into co-driver. It’s a powerful ridesharing system for joint business trips and corporate commutes. Comovee builds sustainable transport ride sharing for more than 10 years.  It provides a web-based carpool platform for organizations and companies. Simply Sign up in Comovee and find carpools for within two minutes. It allows managing your profile and to find and contact colleagues. It is safe, secure and simple.comov1


Easy to access – It’s a user friendly interface that makes easy for anyone to manage and find the perfect matching colleagues and carpools and save money. It’s a ride sharing carpool offers success to efficient deployment and solid return on investment.

Secure and reliable – It provides reliable and secure rideshare environment, designed with carpool safety and data protection. All the users of Comovee have a registered email address with corporate email address to validate the user eligibility for carpooling. Its secure authentication ensures that the members of your company can only be match carpools and find rideshare peers, which increase travelling safety and personal comfort.

Contribution to the Environment – If an organization having 300 employees, it can save up to $265,332 costs of the company, 497 Tons of CO2,  61,473 gallons gas and $866,595 driving costs yearly using carpooling.

Reduce the Parking Cost – As 5 riders are using carpool, it can save up to 4 parking spots. It helps a lot in relieving parking space.


Reduce Traffic Congestion – Traffic congestion is the major reason for people from getting late to and from their work place. Comovee helps to reduce a lot of traffic congestion and ease of traffic flow.

Build Your Own Product – You can also host the Carpool platform at your own domain name.  Your Companies users can log in through your own company’s website.

Seamless Integration – You can simply integrate the Carpool and rideshare system with your existing infrastructure. It provide you a comfortable set up, no additional hardware is required, no software to install, internet based and included user support.

How To Register

You can Simply connect your organization with Comovee’s Corporate Carpooling Technology. They will connect you with in one business day. You can also E-Mail them at  or call (612) 598-6410.