Camlet Mount: Take your Photography experience to next level

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We all love to capture moments with our friends, family, special events, nature and more from our Smartphones, Tablets and digital cameras. But when we want to capture high quality pictures like the one professionals does, we use DSLR’s, but a small problem arises the screens of our DSLRs (usually 3 inches) are very tiny when compared to those of smartphones an tablets. So, Let me Introduce you to Camel Mount a kit that mounts your smartphone or tablet onto your DSLR to easily control and enhance your camera using your smartphone’s screen to monitor your camera.

Camlet mount is launched via a kickstarter campaign on April 15, 2015 raising funds to build it. Camlet Mount is universal device that is designed to connect with variety of cameras and to turn your digital camera into internet enabled touch screen camera. Camlet Mount is designed such that it fits all cameras and can be adjusted up/down, forward, rotate to take selfies, video blogging purposes and more. It is build with an aim to take your photo taking and video making to next level by letting you adjust camera settings, capture moments, record videos and share them at the same time.

Camlet Mount: How It works.

Camlet Mount mounts on your camera through a flash/accessory hot shoe. Camlet Mount comes comes with two protective cases that holds your smartphone and tablet. Camlet mount can be connected with your camera via Wifi, if your camera is wifi enabled or through a cable. This linkage lets you control your camera through a larger screen i.e your smartphone screen or tablet screen via third party apps like DSLR Controller, DSLR dashboard, Camcap, Nikon Wireless utility and more like them. You can find complete list of Apps Here.

Camlet mount

Notable Features Of Camlet Mount

  • Quickly take photos from your DSLR’s, edit them and share them
  • Take Selfies in Pro-quality
  • Fits all cameras with Standard hot shoe
  • Multi angle adjustments- up/down, forward/bakward
  • light weight and single handed operations
  • Quick Attachment and release
  • Enables Large screen live view and monitoring

Bonus: An Introductory Video of Camlet Mount

Wrapping Up: Camlet Mount

In my opinion Camlet Mount is something that will enhance your photography and for those who are planning to become professional photographers, it could provide you with a good start. Well a good news is that the first five purchasers will get this cool kit for $35 and the next 100 to place the pledge on Kickstarter will get it for $54. Camlet Mount has set up a modest goal of $45000 on kickstarter, and is expected to be available for delivery from November 2015.

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