BioLite CampStove – A Helping Hand during Camping

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Just imagine while you are on the top of the hill, your phone charge is at zero and your heart desire a mushroom soup during a sunset. Use BioLite CampStove that brings the opportunity to release the clean energy around the world. We can call it as a helping hand that is with you, when power goes down and when you lost in storm, when you wish to cook the food during the camping and even to charge the electronic gadgets.bio5

It’s a product from BioLite Stove Technology, invented by Alexander Drummond and Jonathan Cedar. This product is based on the philosophy of applying efficient design to real world problems. Their major aim is to converting waste heat into electricity. This Product is made while keep in mind about the poverty-alleviation. This solution is effective, affordable and desirable to its end users.

It’s a light weight portable backpacking stove, kettle and phone charger. It uses Biomass instead of traditional gas to cook whatever your heart desire. It is also used as thermos to keep everything warm. It’s an advance product that make cooking with wood as clean safe, also provide electricity to charge phones and LED lights off-grid. There major aim is to create a product that has positive contribution towards the Global Community. It is available for $130, Click on the Link to Get the BioLite CampStove.

Technology  used in BioLite


As we know if we burn the wood openly, it has an efficient wasting potential energy and it create a lot of Toxic smoke due to incomplete combustion. Although it also burns the wood, But It is designed in such a way that the stove uses a fan to blow air into the fire, which can dramatically improve combustion. It use patent pending thermoelectric technology. Its stove convert heat to electricity and this electricity can be used to change small electronics like metals and LED. It also powers a fan to make the fire ultra efficient.

Why to Choose it

Most of the people in the world cooks open fire & most of them leads to premature death, although the CampStove also cooks in open fire, but it is helpful for  clean & safe energy for families and can across the developing world. Here are the reasons that’s why to use BioLite CampStovebio6

Fuel Saver – We can call it a fuel saver. You would not need to carry fuel. It helps a lot in saving expensive fuels. It is quick to light & fast to boil & clean to use.

Charge Your Gadgets – As it is uses thermoelectric technology, which produce electricity and can help you in charging your electronic gadget while you are cooking.

Time to Fun – Like a campfire, you can sit around the stove & enjoy the dancing flames and share stories with your friends.

Healthy Green Environment – Using Renewable fuel instead of non renewable expensive fuels, you can reduce the carbon from the environment & keep it healthy.