Google IO 2015 Pre-Events Expectations

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Google’s yearly event, Google IO 2015 will be started in just few hours. But before it starts, everyone hoping to watch it is expecting something from it. Some are expecting a new breakthrough tech announcement, some are betting on Android & Chrome Os announcements, & some Google Fans like me are excited about almost everything Google does.

So here is a very brief coverage of whats expected of the Google event today:

Android Announcements:


Android Fans always expect a better version of their beloved OS & better services from Google. And Google takes care of them. As always a newer version of Android is already announced, called “Android M” which definitely is going to improve Android from the previous version and again the name is based on something sweet. My Guess, Its gonna be called “Android Marsh-mellow”. I know it may not be revealed today as always but there will be announcements regarding the newer version of Android. The big speculations about the Android OS are:

  1. OS level support for Fingerprint Scanning, So no OEMs like Samsung would have to do it on their own. Android will take care of it if a fingerprint scanner is part of your device.
  2. Better payment systems as fingerprint scanners will surely enhance the security level.
  3. A stand alone photos app. Which I always wanted, Because I dont want my device to start fetching G+ pics when I summon photos. G+ have its perks, but hopefully things like Auto Awsome will be available on the device without G+ & internet usage.
  4. Better integration to Smart devices, VR devices & Streaming ones like Chromecast

And below are some variants of Android which can be part of new announcements:

  • Android Wear:

    This is can be a big one, As google knows there are bigger players in the market like Apple now & if it keeps Android wear to notifications only, It may not compete well. So it really should announce a better version of OS for its Wear devices to give some edge to its OEMs like Samsung, Motorola & LG who really are trying hard to compete with cult following of Apple & the sales it generated with Apple Watch.

  • Android Auto:

    The Android version targeted Automotive industry can be another big announcement. We are expecting it to be a mass market product very soon with Chevrolet announcement but CarPlay is just along Google making deals. The Android definitely can make it to more people because of its open-source nature provided Google can really make it something better than a tablet in the car experience.

Chrome Announcements:


This is an area where Google has not been much successful unless for educational purposes. Chrome OS & Chromebooks still have to provide themselves google for a daily user. They may not be for a techie or a programmer but for a writer like me, they have been proven to be light, quick & dependable because of the cloud connectivity. In-fact I am even writing this piece from an Acer Chromebook. Below are the announcements to look for in this category today:

  • Chrome Os & Chromebook annoucements

    We should really expect ChromeBooks to be more powerful & more local in-terms of usage for everyone. Computer users are not just people who write articles or edit documents, A heavy number of users use big applications like Adobe Photoshop & 3D Studio Max, For those users it has not proven to be a choice of hardware. Apple has flourished on these kind of users who really want super rich experience. I think Google should concentrate more on this type of users, Make the Chrome Books & Chrome as quick but make them Be more Local. I know you can use many apps offline, But not really compared Windows or MAC OSX.

  • Chromecast:

    Chrome is best used when you want to mirror the content of your device to your TV or any presentation screen. Chromecast, which really have stolen the show the Apple Airplay should really do more. Google should be launching some new devices as well as more control for developers. And, of-course if it can mirror Apple devices screens, It will be killing the AirPlay for presenters & breaking the barriers like Apple have in their eco-system.

Other Annoucements:

Other things on Google radar today can be the VR technology it launched & teased last year. A very simple, easy to make devices with low investment like paying for a few beers. Google also launched Mattel VR few moths back, But I am very sure Google has bigger plans to WIN the market & make it harder for other like Oculus & Holo-lens. New Nexus phones may also be on their way. Speculations & even specifications of Nexus5 2015 are all over the internet. Their can be 2 versions made by LG & Huawei. Also there can be updates regarding the Google Fi network & Google Play Edition Devices.

And I personally expect a mass market product based on Google Ara project!

All in all this event is gonna be rocking & we will be providing you the update with the event & after the event. So, Enjoy the event & keep coming back to OutFresh & our sponsors DesignersX