WWDC 2017 Is All Set To Take Apple Lovers By Storm

Apple is beginning the most awaited WWDC 2017 or the Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2017 at the San Jose Convention Centre, San Jose California on 5 June 2017 till 9 June 2017.  Apple will be hosting an in-depth session on the new technologies and it will be offering the operating system updates for free to all the compatible hardware devices.

Furthermore, you can learn about implementing new technologies into your code with expert advice from Apple engineers. There will be a lot of help from the consultants on interface design, app distribution, marketing and analytics.

Let’s discover what WWDC 2017 will be revealing to the world.

wwdc 2017

  • Siri Speaker

WWDC 2017

The most anticipated revelation at the WWDC 2017 is going to be the unveiling of a digital voice assistant speaker by Apple. Siri is the voice assistant of Apple. The home speaker will most likely be working on the lines of Amazon Echo. It is already under the production and will most likely be shipping by the end of this year. Moreover, there are many tasks Siri speakers will be performing such as controlling home kit gear, checking the weather, and playing music. Furthermore, you will be able to turn on the lights and the songs without the help of any kind of gadget. Bloomberg talks about the design and believes that more than anything else the Siri speaker will be focusing on the sound quality. Siri speaker will be giving a crisper sound while targeting to compete with the rivals like Echo and Home.


  • New 10.5 inch iPad Pro (WWDC 2017)

wwdc 2017

iPad Pro is one hardware device by Apple that has not seen a significant update since 2013. While the popular iPad was updated in the month of March. The iPad is one gadget that certainly needs a change in design and software. Hence Apple is planning to announce some of the major updates in the new iPad Pro. The iPad lovers can expect a new 10.5 inch iPad Pro that might be replacing the 9.7-inch model. Moreover, it is most likely to have a faster processor like the iPhone 7 chip. Furthermore, it might have a higher resolution display. We can’t predict the details about the specs at this point in time. However what we can see is, that Apple might drop the mini iPad. Whereas the big iPad is going to be the future of this device.


  • Refreshed MacBooks (WWDC 2017)

wwdc 2017

Apart from the Siri speaker, there is another hardware device that is most likely be getting a complete makeover at WWDC 2017 and it is the Apple laptop, the MacBook series. We are expecting that the 12 inch MacBook to the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air design all of them will be getting an update. Most likely they will be having a longer battery life and faster performance with the help of the 7 generation Intel core processor. Moreover, the new MacBook will be supporting 32GB RAM in its new refresh. Basically, Apple is trying to upgrade the MacBook to keep it relevant in the changing times.


  • Software Updates (WWDC 2017)

wwdc 2017

WWDC 2017 is a developers conference hence we can certainly expect an update on the software like iOS and macOS. There will be an improved iPad support across all of the iOS. iOS 11 is most likely going to support a new music app that will be able to include new music videos. Moreover, the pencil will allow you to annotate websites and email messages. Furthermore, this will work best with the 10.5 inch iPad.

macOS will be getting a speedier and more secure storage. Furthermore, AI is another area Apple is constantly focusing on. Whether it is Siri or functioning of any other app, WWDC 2017 will be revealing all the improvements and updates. Siri is something developers will be looking forward to in WWDC 2017.


  • Surprises At WWDC 2017

wwdc 2017

Apple will surely be unveiling few of the surprise packages this year at the conference. A new MacPro will be a device to look forward to. Furthermore, Augmented Reality is something Apple will be focusing on this year. Most likely they will be testing AR glasses. The shipping of AR glasses is expected to happen late in the year 2018. High-performance Pro iMac is the device we are looking forward to this WWDC 2017.



The World Wide Developers Conference 2017 will certainly be revealing some of the major hardware devices and software updates. Apple is aiming to become the key player in laptops, tablets, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Their Siri Speaker will be deciding the future of Apple in artificial intelligence.


Image Credits: Google, Giphy.com

Video Source: YouTube