What is wearable technology? Where is it heading!

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Wearable technology is a group of technology devices that can be worn by users  to do various personal activities in an impressive way. These are the  type of technology devices which can  explore and store useful information related to our health and fitness. Other Wearable technical gadgets include devices that have a different type of sensors to take photos and synchronize with your mobile devices.

This technology changes the whole game for technology related leaders, as it has aggressively started showing its presence in our day-to-day life.

wearable technology

Technology drives the economy of the nation. This statement seems to be true when we see that the majority of the world’s population relies upon the technology to sort out their day to day work. Things which were hard to believe have now become the essential part of our life. It is assumed that the use of these advanced Wearable  technology 2017 is going to become very much important if you want to stand out of the queue.

Wearable Technology: Quite interested things to explore

With the passage of time, technology has taken leaps and  bounds and at present, we can see a profound version of it. There are heaps of benefits of adapting the latest technology which will enhance the quality of your life. There are some listed gadgets which were already launched and are assumed to be used in future properly as well.

IOFIT Shoes: IOFIT shoes are the one of the best wearable Fitness device. It is a unique combination of force plate technology and wearables. There is a pressure sensor technology used in the midsole of the shoes which make them a smart shoes and track how your feet work and interact with the ground during the swing

wearable technology

The Cicret Bracelet: The technology has gone advanced and promises us to provide more technical and useful products in near future. Most important thing is that, are we really in the stable condition to handle the technology to accomplish our day to day task. Here, is the new invention  named as “The Cicret Bracelet” which exhibits a smartphone’s display on your arm with full touchscreen functionality All these functionalities of the touch screen are valid due to sensors used in the bracelet which is able to collect the signals of our touch. This invention amazed many companies and created the atmosphere of excitement in the users. Although it is equipped with all these different advanced technologies, yet it is very much comfortable and affordable.


Sleep Tracking Ring: Having a trouble with the sleep. No need to worry, if you are not acquiring appropriate sleep or not aware how much sleep you have taken or need to take then this device scientifically will help you to track your sleep record in a safe manner. This is the wearable health technology. Which improves your health by tracking your activities and tells what is good for your health.

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Kokoon: Having a hard time to sleep and get disturbed by others while doing your serious work. Kakoon is the headphones specially designed for the sleeping purpose and for those who don’t want any unwanted voice while doing work. Well, most of the people like to hide their problems rather than discussing their concerns. According to wise: concerned things always have a solution where unconcerned things remain silent. Understanding the criticality of the issue, this wearable technology will help you a lot to do your work with more focus and in having a sound sleep. The design is very attractive and appropriate for the ears and major thing is that it is safe for the ears. A plus point is that these are at an affordable price.

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Fitness Tracker Bands: Obesity is the biggest challenge in today’s age of technology. People do work hard to cut those extra pounds from their body, but seem unsuccessful in doing so. The reason is pretty simple and that is not having appropriate information regarding the calories and fat which needs to burn.

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Nike Fuel Band  and Microsoft band are two of the best Smart bands which are the useful wearable technologies. With the help of which, you can add value to your workout and can enhance positive outcomes. This product can also help you to set some functions on daily basis and will keep you updated regarding the burnt calories when you will be busy at your work.

iWallet: Now, this can be considered as an extreme of the technology. On an average, a person spends plenty of money on procuring a wallet to secure his valuable money. Now, the new innovative step of technology will make your money more valuable.

wearable technology

This iWallet having a hard case and biometric access is connected to your Bluetooth in your mobile. If your iWallet is far from your mobile then an alarm will be raised in your mobile so that you can figure out what’s going wrong or where the iwallet is?.

Conclusion: Wearable technology is the next big revolution which will change the way we live. By adapting wearable technology, you can save your time and these are very economical to procure. These type of inventions are very much creative, having better productivity with less expenditure. These technical gadgets are the future of our World and are  becoming indispensable part of life.