Vitastiq-Smart Device That Offers Smart Advice



The Device

Vitamins and minerals are essential to life. Very Often, people don’t know what vitamins and minerals their body needs. A startup has developed a device that allows its users to check 30 most important vitamins and minerals your body needs to function. The pen-like device is called as Vitastiq, “a smart device that offers smart advice” Which uses smartphone as an interface.

Vitastiq is an innovative device that provides a personalized way of measuring Vitamins and minerals through your smartphone. The device provides you with timely insight and status of vitamins and minerals levels in your body. The devices work’s with your smartphones and reveals the vitamins and mineral levels simultaneously.


Technology Used

The Device uses a method known as Electro-Acupuncture(EAV) to measure the vitamins content in various parts of your body. The device combines both traditional- Electro puncture technology and Knowledge of medical technology devices and provides you with information regarding Vitamin requirements.


EAV technology is used over 20 years around the world. This measures the electrical conductance at acupuncture points and determines the user’s vitamin and mineral levels, by measuring the electrical status of your skin. The device is easy to use and painless, unlike the one used by doctors. The device is the result of synergy between modern and traditional technology.


 How it works

The devices works with Vitastiq mobile app. The startup has developed an IOS app that syncs and work with the device itself. The app shows you all of the points on your body where you need to measure and get accurate reading. All you need to do is-


  • Download the free Vitastiq App: You can download the app from Appstore. The IOS version is developed and android version is promised soon.


  • Connect your device: You can connect Vitastiq device with your smartphone. All you need to do is connect the device to your smartphone using the audio port. The device supports 3.5 mm and you can easily connect it with your device.


  • Set up your profile: Next you need to do is set up your profile, providing with basic profile info. You can also add more profiles viz- your friends, family, colleagues and more.


  • Prepare for measuring: Then you can start measuring, but make sure you clean the measuring points by rubbing alcohol first and move on with your measurements.


  • Start measuring: Now start measuring by touching the reference points (on your body) with you pen-like device and the results are shown on the screens of your smartphones. Here’s the demo video showing, How to use


Wrap Up

Expensive tests and Check-ups are not needed anymore. Your solution is here, Vitastiq provides insight into vitamins and minerals level and advises individuals, how to improve. This way you can take the necessary steps to preserve your well being. You can also keep track of your previous measurements. The device measures vitamins and minerals like Biotin, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin B12 and more. The devices presents report showing the deficiency in Vitamins and minerals level. The Smart device will be available to users in April 2015.

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  • HealthyLife2016

    Brilliant device, Ive had one for a few months now and someone who was concerned I was getting what I needed after becoming a vegetarian I LOVE it! Fully recommend.

    • gane

      is this kid safe? can I use it for 1 year kid?

      • Sarah Butler

        Ive just looked on the app for you and the earliest DOB it will allow is 2010. I know it taps into the government RDI’s for vitamins so I’m guessing that they don’t publish RDI’s below that age. Personally I would stick with what it suggests so you know that it’s accurate.

  • Abundant Me

    Loving my device. Easy to use and monitor, giving not only detailed account of where my internal body is at but advice on the healthiest way to go about maximising my food intake without increasing the amount. Highly recommend. Win win.