UMoove, Control with your head

Mar 5, 2013 by     No Comments    Posted under: Latest Technology

You move, We Understand. That is what this Israel based company is saying to you. Means they came up with a new revolutionary way to track small movements in your head & face.

As they say in the video below, The most advanced technology ever made is “Your Head” & they can track its little movements or gestures to translate them in to interaction on a screen in-front of you. Weather its a TV, a Mobile Phone, a Computer or a Table. Every app which uses “umoove” can track your gestures & can interact with you without you touching the screen of your Smart Phone or the remote of smart TV. Check the Video on the bottom to see the introduction by the company!

As per the company’s homepage, it tracks your face & head gestures in the real time & use them to control the applications or media on your smart devices. It is the most natural and engaging user experience ever made the smart applications where they say YOU becomes the application.

The platform is available to the Third Party developers for integrating the it to their own creative applications & come up with the next brilliant app or game.

But if you check the video carefully, One thing which bothers me & might bother you too that How will you move your head all day left right up down or so? Wouldn’t it hurt my neck? And make me more tired in the end of the day? I mean it sounds cool when you hear about it first time, but when you think, Your hands are trained to do all the hard work whole day what they do, But not the neck & Head!