Tim Cook Kick Starts WWDC With Apple Keynote 2017

Tim Cook kick started the WWDC 2017 on June 5, 2017, in San Jose, California. The world was looking forward to some of the major announcements to surface in this much-awaited event through the Apple Keynote 2017.

Apple gave a preview of the digital voice assistant enabled HomePod Speaker. This will be the first hardware device post the launch of Apple Watch. Apple is aiming to take on rivals Amazon Echo and Google’s Home in the Home Speaker segment. Moreover, all the rumours regarding the launch of new iPad, upgrading iMac and MacBooks and launching new iPad Pro came true. Furthermore, Apple will be updating the iOS operating system as well the operating system for the Apple Watch and Mac computers.

Apple Keynote 2017


Come on, Let us see the insight of the Apple Keynote 2017.

  • HomePod Speaker: Apple’s digital Voice Assistant Speaker

Apple Keynote 2017

One of the major announcement made by Tim Cook at the Apple Keynote 2017 was of revealing the HomePod. This is going to be Apple’s first digital voice assistant home speaker. It has Siri as its voice assistant. Furthermore, the speaker is 7 inches tall and is capable of creating a virtual surround sound. Hence keeping the sound of the speaker as the priority, Apple will give a stiff competition to the Microsoft’s Cortona, Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home. It gives an appearance of a tall canister speaker wrapped in a shiny wire mesh. HomePod will be available in the month of December for $349. The HomePod needs to have better functions other than playing music and virtual surround sound.


  • iPad’s Debut (Apple Keynote 2017)

Apple Keynote 2017

iPad Pro was one of the highlights of the WWDC 2017. The Apple conference has always been about the new software updates but this time the tech giant has launched few of the hardware devices as well. iPad Pro is one the hardware devices which will be coming this year with a brand new update. Apple is believing that iPad Pro will certainly boost the sales of the tablet. This is one way of pushing the tablet to have a successful run in the market. The new iPad Pro is 10.5 inch in size which is 20% larger than the previous version. The large display is good for the virtual keyboard rather than carrying a physical keyboard. This new iPad Pro will be available for $649. Moreover, it will be coming with a new ProMotion feature that increases the refresh rate and makes the motion smoother in the video mode. Hoping this new version of the iPad Pro will help in increasing the Apple’s tablet sales, the company is frequently upgrading the iPad Pro software. Still iPad Pro has to compete with the cheap versions of the tablets available in the market from other manufacturers.


  • Powerful iMac Pro (Apple Keynote 2017)

Apple Keynote 2017

iMac Pro is going to be the most powerful hardware device ever made by Apple. It is going to have an 18 core processor which will be having a graphic chipset called Radeon Vega. It will be available for $5000 in the month of December. With iMac Pro Apple is targeting to tap all the professionals like filmmakers and coders across the globe. This is going to be the best desktop for them. Furthermore, 27inch and 21.5 inch iMac desktops will also be getting few upgrades this year. The 21.5-inch model will get 4k high resolution and will start at $1300. Apple will also be lowering the prices of MacBooks, wherein 13 inch MacBook Pro will be available for $1300. Apple has to give attention to the MacBook to boost its sales.

  • An Updated iOS, MacOS and WatchOS (Apple Keynote 2017)

Apple Keynote 2017

WWDC is incomplete without a new software update for the developers. Hence Apple makes it a point to unveil a new software update every year so that the hardware devices are improved and work better.

This time iOS was upgraded to the iOS11, a better operating system for the iPhone and iPad. The iOS 11 will be having an update in the camera software, Siri and Apple Pay. Furthermore, Apple mapping will be supporting indoor mapping and features to prevent distracted driving.

Apple also unveiled Augmented Reality Toolkit for its developers. Hence people can view and digitally manipulate the real world through the lens of their iPhone camera.

Furthermore, Apple watch will also be supporting few of the changes in its operating system. Siri will be helping the user to track the fitness regime, it will be giving directions, popping up the calendar.

High Sierra will be the new operating system for the iMac Computers. User privacy will be the company’s top priority and its new browser Safari will be blocking videos that start automatically and stop advertising trackers.

These are the highlights of the announcements made on the day one of the WWDC 2017. Apple is significantly making some of the great changes in both the software and hardware. By doing these changes Apple is aiming to compete with other tech giants victoriously.

Image Source: Google, Giphy.com

Video Source: YouTube