Tech Giants Revealing Trending Technology At Computex 2017

Computex 2017 or Computex Taipei, one of the largest technology trade shows in the world is kick-starting on 30 June 2017 in Taiwan. It is going to be a five-day mega event and will be witnessing a 10.5% of the increase in the visitors and exhibitors since 2016. Computex 2017 in association with all the global leaders in technology is aiming to build Global Technology Ecosystems.

This year Computex 2017 will be having five themes that include AI & Robotics, IoT Applications, Innovations And Startups, Business Solutions, Gaming and VR. Moreover, there will be four exhibition areas including SmarTEX, InnoVEX, Gaming and VR, and iStyle. Furthermore, there will be a lot of gaming competitions. Last but not the least, the d&i awards are going to be the highlight of the whole Computex Taipei, which will be ending on June 3, 2017. This the schedule of events unfolding in Computex Taipei.

Computex 2017

Come let us explore the key aspects of Computex 2017.

  • CPX Conference At Computex 2017

Computex 2017

The event will be focusing on the cross section between the internet of things and innovation. Bureau Of Foreign Trade under the Ministry Of Economic Affairs will be sponsoring The CPX Conference.  Moreover, It is an event that everyone is looking forward to this year. Furthermore, the conference gives a platform to all the tech companies to share their ideas in the form of keynotes and forums. CPX Conference 2017 will be exploring future technology trends, IoT Applications, Artificial Intelligence, innovations and startups. CPX conference is an event that will give you an insight into the new trends and the emerging technology.

Furthermore, the CPX Conference will be delivering keynotes by some of the tech giants like ARM, FOXCONN, Qualcomm, Intel, Dell, Ericsson, MediaTek and much more.

  • e21FORUM Computex 2017

e21 Computex 2017

The first day of the Computex 2017 will be hosting e21FORUM. The theme of this event is “Featuring The Smart Future”. Companies like Yoctol Info, Intel, Micepad Taiwan will be sharing the technology trends at the event. e21FORUM will be focusing on investigating new technologies and will also be discussing the future of science and technology. Hence it will be focusing on the AR/VR, Internet Of Things, Robots and 3 D printing technology. AI and machine learning will also be the prime focus at the event.

Intel will be speaking about the data-driven future. Furthermore, Yoctol will be helping us in understanding the  Chatbot Trends. And Micepad will be finding the true value from your marketing events data.

  • Inaugural AI Forum By NVIDIA

Computex 2017

Nvidia is a big AI computing company. And it will be bringing in a panel of experts to discuss the new trends in the AI and how it is being utilised in the industrial sector. There will be a discussion on the latest gaming technology. Furthermore, innovations in AI and deep learning will uncover during the event.

  • Innovex At Computex 2017

Computex 2017

Innovex is the largest and the best startup event in Asia. 272 Startups from 23 countries will be displaying their top innovations. Forums and pitch contest will occur for the participants. During the pitch contest, participants get a chance to pitch in front of the investors, industry professionals and the media to win $3000. This stage will give your company a boost and new height in front of the world.

  • d&i Awards At Computex 2017

The Computex d&i awards will be having its 10th anniversary this year. Furthermore, Taiwan External Trade And Development Council organises these awards and the top designers across the globe shortlist the entries. The product should meet the standards of “innovation and elaboration”, “functionality”, “aesthetics”, “responsibility and positioning”. Moreover, the winners will get an opportunity of travelling on a display tour to world ICT shows. Apart from the featured themes, d&i awards will add three new categories to the awards. And those categories are “Robots and Artificial Intelligence”, “Internet Of things”, “AR/VR Devices + Content”.

A total of 44 companies are the winners of the d&i awards at the Computex 2017. The winning list includes Dell, NVIDIA, Supermicro, DreamWave Audio, Adam Elements, ZOTAC, ASUS and more.

Since its inception in 1981, Computex Taipei has been successful in becoming the biggest trade shows in Asia. More and more exhibitors and visitors are becoming a part of this mega event every year. Furthermore, these International Companies offer some of the best technologies and gadgets to the world through Computex.


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