Samsung S8 And S8+ Users In US Your Samsung Bixby Is Here Tonight

Samsung is launching its first ever voice assistant, Samsung Bixby tonight for the Samsung S8 and S8+ users in the US. The Korean tech giant is fully geared to give a tough fight to Alexa, Siri and Google. The announcement for Bixby came in the month of March. Since then the company is working for its high profile launch.

Customers in the US markets are the first ones across the globe to receive this update. Are you all ready to welcome Samsung Bixby, your intelligent voice assistant, tonight? 

Samsung Bixby

Let us find out, How Bixby will be improving our lives?

  • Interacting With Bixby

Samsung Bixby

Samsung Bixby is going to make our lives very easy and will be helping the Samsung users in a lot of ways. By pressing once you can talk to Bixby and by pressing twice you can navigate to Bixby home. Bixby is going to be the intelligent voice assistant for its users. You can enjoy talking to it, Bixby will be locating things for you. Furthermore, it will be setting reminders as well. And it will be eventually learning and improving itself with time. Great, isn’t it.

  • Bixby Will be Giving New User Experience

Samsung Bixby

You can engage yourself with Bixby by talking, texting and tapping on your phone. Switching these three modes is very convenient. You all will be surprised to know, What Samsung Bixby can do for you? It will be translating your documents. Furthermore, if you want to know about any restaurant, place or object, Bixby will be giving all the details without even typing. You just need to open your camera or the picture on your phone and Bixby will give you the answers.

  • Customised Bixby Experience

samsung bixby

You can customise your Samsung Bixby voice assistant. Just press the Bixby key to get directly to the apps, you want to access. Furthermore, swipe your home screen and get the customised information, like your day’s schedule. The more you use Bixby, the better it is.

  • Samsung Bixby Give You Reminders

samsung bixby

Tell Bixby to remind you to return calls. Bixby will also be setting reminders to send important emails. You can schedule your appointments and Bixby will take care of the reminders. What else can you ask? Moreover, you can let these reminders appear on Bixby home or edge screen.


Samsung is giving a voice assistant to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ users. This voice assistant will eventually be gaining data and will be working as an intelligent assistant using AI. The users all across the USA can now omit to type on their phone. All these tasks will be accomplished by Bixby through a voice command. The users are sincerely hoping to see Bixby supporting a multi language access.

For the users to use Bixby smoothly, make sure that your software is updated. Furthermore, the users will be able to integrate third party apps with Bixby. WoW!!

Samsung is aiming to make the Galaxy phones smarter. And it will not be surprising to see Samsung venturing into smart home devices. Let see what future holds for the consumers.


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  • IOSux

    Love the chain command aspect and all its potential.. Hopefully this is a good compliment to Google Assistant & not a muddled up, mucky hot mess of resource hogs, battling for device supremacy