Samsung Galaxy Gear – Fight Off competition from Google & Apple

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Smart Watch Concept & Excitement surrounding it, is the issue of the tech world and now Samsung seems to be prepping the one. Before two days a head from IFA conference (Official launch of the Galaxy Note 3) that kicks off in Berlin, Germany, The event where the original Galaxy Note & its successors are launched in the past years. Now Samsung’s new product see the lights on 4th Sept., 2013 would known as Galaxy Gear – the Samsung’s first Wearable device that represents both the techno gadget and fashion statement. It’s a device to enhance and enrich the smart phone experience. It’s a rumor that it will be available in White, Orange, Grey & Black colors. The fifth color that is slightly more exclusive will available after one week is White Gold. Samsung give all these colors distinctive and fancy names.
According to Samsung’s executive Vice-President of Mobile Business, Lee Young-hee – “Gear will be a “concept device.” It’s not clear whether that means it won’t launch soon or if Samsung is using the “concept” moniker as a marketing ploy” that is described at the interview The Korea Times. He also confirmed that Samsung’s smart watch will run Android and won’t feature a flexible display  Hot Watch



  • The design sketches that are found in patent file by Samsung seems that the Galaxy Gear looks very fantastic. Still they mainly pointed toward watch that uses segmented band that might be of metals.
  • The majority of the body of the Gear appears as curved displays that represent aka model number SM-V700. Only some parts are screen uses flexible technology due to its curvature. Some have speculated due to its curvature that the screen uses flexible technology.
  • This Smart Watch includes 1.5GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos 4212 processor with 1GB of RAM. It asset 1.67inches (3cmX3cm) display and have a resolution of 320×320 pixels.
  • For the Connectivity it supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & NFC.
  • The most interesting fact as shown in image that both the speaker and the mike are at the foot of the screen. It’s a rumor that it will boast as funky virtual capabilities via a directional speaker and mike that is similar to upcoming




  • It act as second screen for your Smartphone or we can say it is bread & butter of a smart watch meal. It will connect with your handsets to alert you when any text message, e-mails, phone calls or any social media updates alert your phone.
  • Due to the embedded sensors it acts as a health tracker that performs the functionality of the pedometer, exercise companion and sleep quality recorder.
  • It overcomes the major problem of Sony Smart Watch to reset it’s time when it loses connection and its power recycles. It automatically keep up-to-date. It is also keeps track of the time on its own too.
  • The major feature notable about the gear that it will use apps from Samsung’s Own Application Marketplace instead of Google Play Store. This is helpful Samsung sidestep having to depend on Google for the Gear’s operation.
  • Gear will have the brains to operate independently without relying on a constant connection with your smart phone.


Availability & Pricing of the Gear

It is supposed that the Samsung is start shipping of its Next Generation Galaxy Gear Smart Watch from first week of October.  It’s a fact that Gear will ship by this year in a bid to head off competition from archrival Apple, As Apple is also said to be working on its own piece of wearable technology. By looking at the current market, we will able to guess how much any technology company will price their product. As Sony Smart Watch 2 Costs £159 and Nike Fuelband costs around £129. The approximation cost of the will have around £200. Whether Galaxy Gear be a hit, its depend upon its Price & Battery Life.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch is supposed to be the next big news in wearable tech, because it is rapidly becoming one of the worst kept secrets of the tech world.
Although some facts of this article are supposed like, colors of Gear & it’s shipping, but we think it’s a good prediction. We simply connected all the dots by stringing rumored information together, then tossed out the truly wild speculation

Watch the concept video below for a better idea: