Pokemon Go Events 2017: Niantic Is Bringing It To Your Streets

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It is summer and its time to explore Pokemon Go events 2017. Niantic the developer of Pokemon Go is planning to take your favorite Augmented reality game to the streets of USA. Hence Pokemon Go event is coming to Charlotte, North Carolina on 7 May, 2017.

Last July’s big outdoor events were responsible for making Pokemon Go a national phenomenon. Therefore this year Niantic is collaborating with Knight foundation to take Pokemon Go on the streets of various cities across USA.

Knight foundation will be helping Niantic in organising the community event in an efficient manner.

Let us find out what Niantic is planning for Pokemon Go street event.

Watch this video for Pokemon in the real world.


  • Route Map(Pokemon Go Events 2017)

Pokemon Go events 2017

Niantic will eventually be taking this Pokemon Go street event to all the cities across USA. North Carolina will be the first state to begin the event.

There will be Pokemon Go content on the Open Streets 704 event’s official route map.

Therefore there will be a set route for the players to explore the cities for PokeStops.

Players will be doing the physical marking of the PokeStops along the set route.

Furthermore players need to follow the gym locations on the set route map, while searching for Pokemon.

More over players will be getting to explore their city as well.


  • Features(Pokemon Go Events 2017)

Pokemon Go events 2017

Pokemon Go event by Niantic and Knight Foundation is also known as Worldwide Bloom event.

Furthermore the Worldwide Bloom event will be begin on May 5, 2017 in the afternoon and will end on May 8, 2017.

The company will be giving stickers to the participants as incentives and will be giving some great bonuses to the trainers.

Niantic is trying to encourage the players to make it a successful social event by going out and collecting Pokemon together.

So Charlotte residents looking for Chikorita, you all have an excellent reason to explore your neighborhood.

Knight foundation is aiming to take people out to the streets through Pokemon Go.

Furthermore they are thinking that through Pokemon Go and Augmented reality, people will be able to see their neighborhood in different ways.

Pokemon Go designers have come up with new innovations like trading, new gym feature and actual multi player functionality.

With these new functionalities designers are aiming to unite the people for greater good.

Pokemon Go game basically involves Professor Willow’s research in Pokemon habitats.

His research around the world has come up with some interesting findings.

Hence his initial reports indicate that we will see an influx of Grass type Pokemon, this weekend.

We anticipate that Pokemon will return to their normal habitat on May 8, 2017.

Hence help in contributing to Professor Willow’s ongoing research by catching as many Grass type Pokemon as possible this weekend.


  • Goal(Pokemon Go Events 2017)

Pokemon Go Events 2017

Niantic and Knight foundation is aiming for the success of Pokemon go event or Worldwide Bloom event.

Furthermore they are quite positive that this summer will definitely add to the success of the event.

Hence they are targeting to have more of Pokemon Go events or public events this year.


Pokemon Go Events 2017


If you are planning to be a part of this Pokemon Go event with your family and friends then don’t forget to document your findings on Pokemon Go AR camera.

Enjoy this real world social event this weekend and do share your screen shots on social media.

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Video Source: YouTube

Image Source: Giphy.com, Google