Phree Smart Pen: Now write on any surface, receive call, send texts

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Phree Smart Pen: Now write on any surface, receive call, send texts

Phree a 3D Laser smart pen that lets you write on any surface created by OTM technologies has raised a whooping $1million on their kickstarter campaign which is 9 times over their goal of $100000. This smart pen writes on any surface showing  your writing in real time on your smartphone, tablet or PC screen. If you are in habit of jotting down anytime, anywhere, Phree is the smart pen for you. Phree Smart Pen is a result of over a decade of handwork and passion of Gilad Lederer co-founder OTM technologies and his passionate team.

Technology Used in Phree Smart Pen and it’s working

Phree smart pen uses patented technology called Optical Translation Measurement (OTM) that allows the smart pen to capture data written on any surface it can see and send that data to any app through Bluetooth to any Bluetooth enabled device. It uses a 3D laser interferenometer. This meter tracks the relative motion of a nearby surface by measuring the interference signal between a laser beam projected on the surface and the reflection form the surface. This system optically extracts the hand motion signals while writing and between strokes.


The signal-processing algorithms developed by OTM then translate the data collected by the smart pen’s (Phree) sensor into X-Y-Z motion data. Phree understands the motion of the writers hand in a similar way human eyes does i.e. three dimensional. The sensor of the smart pen then tracks both, the strokes made on the surface and the space between strokes as your hand moves. These motion are then recorded and sent to your smart phone, tablet which you can see in real time or later what ever is connected with smart pen.

The smart pen properly integrates with Android, iOS, windows  OS X and Linux  It supports most third party apps on Android, OSX and windows. With Android you can use Phree with almost any app like onenote, evernote, office and more like that. But that not in case of iOS, the support of Phree for iOS is limited, users can only take quick notes in iOS and will not be able to use other features.

Functions and Features of  Phree Smart Pen

Phree can be used as a valuable tool to take notes on device whenever you are on the go. The notes which you take with Phree will open on a target device i.e connected device whenever you open it.function-features-phree-smart-penApart from just taking notes, you can even receive, write and send text messages using the device display. Phree also functions as a headset, so you can also receive call using the device, which makes Phree quite a Universal device.

Some cool Features

  • Take notes and numbers anywhere, anytime without pulling your phone out.
  • Write messages in your handwriting
  • Draw emojis of your choice
  • Receive Write and send text messages using Phree’s display
  • Use Phree as a Bluetooth handset and mouse
  • Dimensions: 142 x 18 x 8.5mm weighing 30 grams
  • Battery Life: One Week

Price And Availability of  Phree Smart Pen

Price of this smart pen is speculated to be at $199, although some devices are sold to early adopters for $128 to $189. According to their Kickstarter campaign, the company is expected to carry out test between November (2015) to January (2016). With manufacturing beginning in February (2016), the smart pen is expected to available in March 2016.

Other Smart Pen available in the Market

As Digital-note making and drawing are becoming more popular these day, there are plenty of smart pens available in the market that will help you in taking notes and drawing like the Livescribe 3 , Neo Smartpen N2, Echo by Livescribe, equil smartpen 2 and more. These smartpens can prove be as a competition to the Phree smart pen. But what set apart Phree from these smartpen is a built-in screen which allows you to use it even without a smartphone or tablet. But who will dominate the market we will only get to know when it lands the market in Market 2016.

Wrapping Up: Phree Smart Pen – Now write on any surface

Phree is smart pen that definitely gives writing a new direction. Looking the technology used and all the features in the hood, Phree will definitely prove to be a valuable tool for all those who love to jot things down anytime anywhere. Please jot down your valuable thoughts below.