Pebble Time Steel: The smartwatch which means Business

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So everyone applauded the miracle of Apple called “Watch” that how innovative & luxurious it is. But everyone forgot about the real innovator, Who started it all from a puny(as Hulk would say) Kickstarter project.

The same guys at Pebble are now back with a better version called “Pebble Time” which got colored ePaper display which can show you time & smart things of a smartwatch for a whole week on a single charge. Where the $10,000 Apple watch can only go for a day or two. Even better thing they are doing this time is that “This time They mean Business” with the Luxury Smartwatch version which is called “Pebble Time Steel”. And before we go any further, Check the Video below to feel the vibe:

OK, Back to the Future. So, A new smartwatch is on your way and its called Pebble Time Steel which is made out of stainless steel instead of plastic. Pebble Steel Time has been designed to match style preferred by the business world & admired by everyone. But truly what makes it more worthy is its incredible versatility that enables Pebble Time Steel to work with both platforms, Android and iOS. Unlike the Apple watch and Android Wear which looks for their own eco-system to serve you on your command. And when we look at its price, it even becomes more worthy compared to others present in the Smartwatch Market.

So, What Exactly Pebble Time Steel is?

Pebble Time Steel has square display and is only 0.37 inch thick i.e 20% thinner than original Pebble. Pebble Time Steel is offered in three different colors viz silver, gunmetal black and gold. All of these colors are accompanied by matching leather band. One more thing Pebble will also be introducing smart straps for both Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time that will extra functionality to the watch when connected heart rate sensors, GPS tracking and more.


Pebble Time Steel now has e-color display(Colored ePaper) unlike the earlier Pebble Watch. The display of the Pebble Time Steel is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. The new Pebble Time feature Pebble’s timeline interface that lets you see past, current and future events using the three buttons on the right side of your Pebble Time Steel. So basically, all the current things like calendar events, email, call or text organised in a way that if they are passed, are current or coming next.

Pebble Time Steel give more to its users with its ability to work with both the high-end ruling platforms iOS and Android. Currently there are more than 6500 apps and watchfaces available for the Pebble Time Steel. Pebble Time Steel also has microphone which lets the its wearers to add voice memos and respond to notifications.


Pebble Time Steel also has an impressive battery Life of more than a week once it is fully charged, according to the company. Pebble Time Steel also comes with other features like improved back light, new cortex M4 processor, 6-axis gyroscope, water resistance, vibrating alarms and much more in the hood.

Now I think everyone would love a comparison of it with the available Top  contenders. So below is an Infographic table which should give you a good idea!

Pebble Time Steel Head-to-Head with Apple Watch

Pebble Time vs Apple Watch Infographic


So basically, Pebble can do the same thing for you in less cost. Even if you watch something Shiny & Smart. And Pebble Watches are best option if you are constantly switching your mobile operating system. Pebble Time steel can be called as the next generation smartwatch.
Although Pebble Time Steel is bagging plenty of pledges at Kickstarter, lets see what happens when the Watch hits  the market in July 2015.