Google Glasses – The Project Glass of Google

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After the smartphones which are always connected to the internet with the power of Android operating system providing you everything from map to email to online chat to social media, Google comes up with its next big physical world invention “The Project Glass” that is ideally “A small wearable computing device, integrated with heads–up display, enough processing power, ram & storage with a battery inside the frame, fitted afloat right to your eyes” to give you all the information & experience you want in a corner of your vision.

It works by taking commands from your voice & slight muscle movements. To start operating it with your voice, You have to use the keyword ‘GLASS’ like “Glass start recording” and it will start recording what every you are looking at. Here is a good example in this demo video for taking pictures & shooting videos:

As shown above, This is a computing mainframe having an ability of listening to you and respond back to you. It can capture everything a person can see in a real time and then immediately transfer over the internet or it can publicize what it records with your friends, No need to share videotapes, Disks or Flash Drives as we have been doing.

When you hear about a new technology, the fact come into mind that is the capabilities of device.

Well, With the help of Google Glasses we can record videos hands free whatever we see around us, map the directions again hands Free, share whatever we record, it has a voice translator, instead of typing you can directly speak whatever comes in your mind & send a message, share live moments, Capture 5 Megapixel picture after a regular interval of 30 Seconds.


  • Regular 2 days battery Backup
  • Strong & Light
  • Evolutionary Design
  • Modified Application of Android
  • Embedded Camera with Decent resolution
  • Microphone
  • GPS System
  • Bone induction

On 26th March, Google first time announced the list of 8,000 winners who can purchase the Google Glasses @ US$1500, but this opportunity is given to only US Residents & mainly with popular social influence. Next lot Google Glasses is expected to arrive in market in early 2014. But seeing the demand, there is a hope of little more availability in the end of 2013.

Here is some limitation that cannot be provided in the first version of the Google Glasses.
It cannot be able to locate someone in the crowd, you can dictate a message through it but it cannot be able to dictate an E-mail through it.

Baidu, the Chinese local search engine, is presently working on its own version of Google Glasses. They have their own prototype called “Baidu Eye”, still in the phase of internal testing. No sign from Baidu that it will be every commercially available or not. Where Google Glasses is expected to be built in United States, The Baidu Eye is expected to be made by Foxconn, The infamous Apple supplier.

And Here is How it feels with glasses. [Tip: Try it FULL SCREEN]

  • ali

    Google glass is a project with a good intentions but have they forgotten about the majority of the world who still cannot afford anything. With this said, the said ‘demand’ for google glasses should not be high if the people who can afford them have any sense left in them before they waste away their lives becoming fat and unhelpful to society.