Gesture Control – MYO vs Leap Motion

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Gesture control or a method of interfacing computer devices with Human gestures via mathematical algorithms had implemented by The Sixth Sense Man ‘Pranav Mistry’. He developed the Kinect hand Detection to control the digital devices. Now, taking that one step further are 2 of the most awaited and appreciated technologies, called MYO & Leap Motion.

MYO vs Leap motion

One is based on the electrical movement of muscles & the other one is tracking the movement of your fingers. But both the technologies are exciting and can address diff. Markets & co-exist.

MYO – An Armband
Thalmic MYOWater-Loo based start up; Thalmic Labs announces the launch of their revolutionary gesture control device – MYO. Thalmic Lab was introduced by the three graduates passed students – Aaron Grant, Mathew Bailey & Stephen Lake passed from the University of Waterloo Mechatronics. MYO can control your computer, phone & other digital technologies wirelessly with the electrical activity of your muscle, Along with Thalmic’s proprietary muscle activity sensor & Bluetooth 4.0 technology because its uses Bluetooth connectivity & pair your devices send commends. MYO is equipped with rechargeable lithium Ion batteries & an ARM Processor. It is an open source development available for android & ios application integration & fully compatible with Microsoft Windows & MAC OS. The Thalmic Labs is claiming  to have sold over 25,000 MYO devices and still have Pre-Orders open to public for just $149, which will be shipped to you by the late 2013 or 1st quarter of 2014. You can order it here!

Leap MotionLeap motion is a gesture control device that tracks your fingers up to 1/100 millimeter & sense how you move your hand. It is more sensitive than all the existing motion control technologies. And is completely based on technology developed by Pranav Mistry. It claims, with the help of leap motion you can draw or paint inside a one inch cube. Mean things like e Document signing and artistic jobs will be very easy without any pads or something directly on your personal computer. It also sense the Z-axis means we can rotate our hands and fingers in 3D same as the real world. Till now only 12,000 Leap Motion Devices at the rate of $79 were handed over to the users that perform impressive things. You can Pre-Order it here!

What is best for you?
Although price wise, Leap Motion is the definite choice to try it for just few bucks, But still MYO can be proffered by some people based on a basic comparison. It completely depends upon the potential applications of these technologies in various fields.  Below comparison can just be my own perception, but still here it is:

  • Flexibility & Mobility: For having a more flexible technology which has vastness of applications in real world for working with other MYO is definitely better. You can use it to control things on your screen as well as real life digital devices. The biggest plus point, No Cables attached!
  • Preciseness & Accuracy: In this type of application, Leap motion is definitely better as it is very accurate and can be easily used to sign e Documents, create drawings and probably even Medical implementations like Remote operations. Where MYO is not for these things, You mainly have to assign some controls to your gestures and movements!
  • Gaming & Automobile Industries: MYO seems more suitable as it runs on an internal battery & does not require to be connect to a computer screen to be used. It can control Cars & other automobiles that are traditionally controlled by steering & physical touch. And you can play games more freely.
  • 3D design and Research: On this field, Leap motion definitely is more suitable, being able to track precise hand & finger movements. MYO may need its own camera for this, which can be a future coming improvement.

Actually both of them looks same but are completely separate from each other. MYO transforms the electrical activity of muscles to actions where as Leap motion tracks the movement of the fingers and translate it to your computing device. MYO looks to suit more of outdoor conditions and Leap Motion is more for Indoor situations. Although a combination of both of these technologies would be a perfect gesture control system which can track the movements of your hands and fingers with preciseness of Leap Motions and can sense you Muscle movements and orientation like MYO. And if someday someone can combine it with something like Google Glass, The Humanoid future is not that far away where we will not need any screens or input devices for most of our daily tasks for a computing device!

And here are the videos of both of these technologies for you to enjoy!

Leap Motion:


Well, let me know what you think in the comments below.

  • anilkanthi

    The only drawback with Myo may be with devices that lack Bluetooth! Leap Motion looks more balanced in terms of everything.

  • COOL STUFF! But I wonder if two devices were used … could they work together?

  • bswaradeep

    that’s really awesome but i looks much better using hologram technology..