The New Apple HomeKit Takes On Amazon Echo And Google’s Home

The third day of WWDC 2017 saw a major update in the Apple HomeKit or the  Home Automation System by Apple. The Apple HomeKit is a developers toolkit that enables them to configure accessories and create actions to control them. Furthermore, Siri plays a major role in triggering and grouping the actions together.

In other words, HomeKit will be entangling all the smart devices with iOS 11. The Keynote by Tim Cook revealed new updates on hardware and software exclusively for the users. Whereas the HomeKit is specifically designed for the developers. Furthermore, the new  HomeKit enables the developers to avoid going through MiFi, the extensive certification testing program.

This implies, the HomeKit is open to all the developers to do the desired tweaking. Moreover, Apple will be giving this opportunity to the developers for the first time ever in the history of the existence of the tech giant. Apple is taking this humongous leap to challenge Amazon Echo and Google’s Home in sales. Apple will be targeting to sweep the market share of both the companies.

Come let us all find out the accessories and gadgets in sync with the Home Speaker.

  • Two New Product Categories (Apple HomeKit)

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit automation platform gives opportunities to launch new product categories. As per the company profile, Apple HomeKit is currently supporting 16 products and accessories. These products are thermostats, sensors, garage doors, window shades, security, humidifier, air conditioners, locks, air purifiers, lights, outlets, fans, camera, doorbells. Furthermore, Apple has added two more product categories to support and these are faucets and sprinklers. Apple is planning to integrate refrigerators with the HomeKit. But their step of aligning faucets and sprinklers with the HomeKit takes them a step closer to be in sync with other water releasing products.

  • Aligning Accessories with QR Codes And NFC (Apple HomeKit)

Apple HomeKit

The user will be easily able to setup HomeKit accessories with iOS 11 as the HomeKit gives a platform to align the accessories with QR Codes and NFC. Moreover, the user just needs a device with NFC chip. Furthermore, to integrate you need to place your iPhone near the NFC icon on the device. The QR Codes will be placed on the accessories while packaging and users can scan them in the Home App.

  • Updating older accessories with Software Authentication(Apple HomeKit)

Apple HomeKit

Software authentication in the new feature in the iOS HomeKit. This feature is going to be an advantage for the older products that are already moving in the market. These devices can have the support of the HomeKit through software authentication. Hence this omits the need to have a support of already prevalent hardware chip authentication.

Furthermore, Apple is expanding its self-certification process for various products and accessories through HomeKIt self-certification assistant.

  • New Features For Bluetooth LE HomeKit(Apple HomeKit)

apple HomeKit

Bluetooth LE HomeKit Accessories will be getting some of the new features including new secured broadcast notifications. This will have better sub-second latencies.

  • AirPlay 2 (Apple HomeKit)

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit will be getting a support for speakers using Airplay 2 that gives multi-room audio features. Furthermore, it will be getting new occupancy and duration event triggers.

Apple HomeKit

With Apple HomeKit, the company is aiming to compete with Amazon and Google in the Home Speakers and hence there are trying to tap the developers to bring in the required change.

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