Microsoft AI Redefining Business Models And Applications

Microsoft AI is going to be the future of cognitive computing. The company is diligently working on improving the functioning of the tools to achieve new milestones in developing AI. These tools are going to be resourceful for the developers. Hence this will be allowing tweaking in the cloud computing and will be making the applications more powerful for the users.

AI is going to determine the future of the technology and all the tech giants are striving to develop AI in the most efficient manner. Therefore, AI will be determining the future business models.


Lets us now discuss the innovations


Google Lens(Microsoft AI)

microsoft ai

To begin with, Microsoft has launched a powerful smartphone app called Google Lens. This app has inbuilt sensors and its software can recognise the people, places and objects. Furthermore, it also gives a context to the images. To enable the functioning of Google Lens, just tap the Google Lens icon. And then point your device camera to the desired object. The app will allow the Google to browse its information bank. Therefore, Google will come up with a set of information for the related object on your phone screen. For example, if you point your phone camera to some eatery. All the information related to that restaurant appears on your phone, like their menu, timings etc.


Custom Vision Software(Microsoft AI)

microsoft ai

Custom Vision Search software has a unique feature of recognising images in photos and videos. Furthermore, it uses facial recognition, and transcribe videos and even translates the given language.


Microsoft Cloud Computing(Microsoft AI)

microsoft ai

Microsoft is one of the biggest cloud computing firms in the world. All the business houses are heading to have a public cloud computing platform or a combination of public cloud computing. This will allow them to have a corporate data centre. Because of its benefits of being secure, cost-effective and modular, all the tech giants are leaning towards the cloud computing. AI is growing rapidly and hence will be progressing with the same pace.


Microsoft SDK and API Channels(Microsoft AI)

microsoft ai

Microsoft SDK and API channels have been supported by over a hundred million developers. They will be able to build and gain access to the repair manuals. Hence they will be boosting productivity and reducing the training schedules. This will also help the business owners or the retailers to increase the shopping experience. Customers will be able to get the information about the pricing and availability of the products in the store.


AI industry has the potential to be a $1 trillion sector. All the companies are forming strategies to develop AI to prosper and flourish. If a company doesn’t have a formula for AI development then it will be lacking behind. There will be a total of $47 billion of wealth to be spent on AI development by 2020.

AI is going to be a driving technology of the world in the future. Companies take huge data and turn into Actionable Intelligence. Microsoft is the key player in the cloud computing and hence it is going to be the key player in deciding the future of AI in the world. All the business strategies and working models will be decided by the future AI.


Image Source: Google

Video Source: YouTube