Looking Forward To Microsoft Conference 2017: Unfolding The Updates

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If you guys are anxiously looking forward to some big announcements by Microsoft at the Microsoft Conference 2017, then your wait is over. The conference also known as Microsoft Build is coming to the Washington State Convention Centre in Seattle today i.e on 10 May, 20 and will continue till 12 May, 2017.

Microsoft Conference 2017 will not only be a developer conference but we can expect that Microsoft will be unveiling some of it key future plans like the Windows update, the Cortana AI assistant, HoloLens, partner hardware and a new surface gear.

We have come up with some of the best predictions regarding the unfolding of the events in Build Conference 2017.


  • Windows 1o (Microsoft Conference 2017)

It is quite certain that Microsoft is planning to come up with new Windows 10 in 2017. During Microsoft Build we are quite hopeful that Windows 10 updates discussions will be happening in detail. The highlight of the forthcoming Windows 10 is its Interface Design language which will add more textures, lighting, animations and app elements. Moreover, this new interface will be beneficial for Augmented Reality and will in turn be suitable to HoloLens and other gears that map virtual images to the real world.

As per Qualcomm’s confirmation, ARM-powered Windows 10 machines will arrive soon hence we can expect a discussion on ARM support as well. Echo style voice control will also come up over the course in the years 2017-2018.


  • Windows 10 S Computers: New Updates(Microsoft Conference 2017)

Microsoft Conference 2017

Since Microsoft’s Windows 10 S launch, Microsoft has not come up with more of hardware devices compatible with Windows 10 S except for the Surface Laptop and An Acer convertible. Hence we can expect that Microsoft will showcase some of the new Windows 10 S supporting PC’s. They can be budget laptops or premium editions. Let us all see what Microsoft has in store for us. We can expect some Surface Book or Surface Studio improvements as well. There is no denying that Microsoft will come up with some great surprises at the conference. But they will also keep some of the details intact for their upcoming event in Shanghai on 23 May 2017.


  • Cortana ( Microsoft Conference 2017)

Microsoft Conference 2017

Microsoft wants to turn Cortana, its voice assistant into a device independent platform suitable for Artificial Intelligence. We can expect that Microsoft may come up Kardon Invoke’s. It is a speaker which uses Cortana commands from playing the music to controlling the lights. Furthermore, Microsoft can come up with more features of Cortana and its compatibility to non-PC devices. Moreover, they may offer long distance Cortana control as well. This means that you will be able to tell your PC what task to do through a speaker from some other side of your place.

  • HoloLens, VR, And Xbox (Microsoft Conference 2017)

Microsoft Conference 2017

These form the future inventions of Microsoft. Hence we don’t expect a detail preview of these, But we can expect a developer preview of some of them. HoloLens is the second generation of mixed reality which will arrive in 2019. You might see Hololens App demo from Netflix. Microsoft is having an E3 event next month hence they will be keeping the major gaming announcements regarding Xbox for that event only. Some VR software and headset announcements will surely be coming. And you never know there is an update on Windows 10 mobile with Redstone 3 features.


It is quite evident that Microsoft Build 2017 is going to be a gala event with some of the major announcements and revelations from the company to surprise the tech world.


Image Source: Giphy.com, Google

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