Introduction to DICE+ – Digital Gaming Controller

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Although TV or the Tablet Screens replaces the Board Games but still from the last decade, Game technologies looking forward to brings the social back to digital gaming revolutionary Board Game, by capturing a multitude of gamers from board games specialists to the more casual, family-oriented audience & Dice is the most common feature of  them.dice6

DICE+ is a first product of this kind, that connects with both the Tablet & Smart Devices using Bluetooth. It’s a technology that combines the fun of playing and traditional board games. DICE+ was developed in Poland & produced in Europe by Game Technology S.A. The main focus is to make familiar, easily accessible and a lot of Fun together with board gaming & educational gaming. They are digital & can be played using a tangible Controller.

It Uses Bluetooth & its six-sided dice features LED lights directly connects with the tablet & Smart phone. With the Help of DICE+ a lot of Android iOS board games can be played by simply rolling a DICE. Although till now the number of games that support DICE+ are very less, but additional supported Platforms & games would likely be coming in the future. But still it’s a gate way to the world of games enhanced by DICE+, you can get your own DICE+ for $39.99 at the official Site.
You can simply turn on the DICE+ by flipping its Upside down & hours of Fun are get started. It detects your all the rolls & gives comfort while you are  playing. It has an innovative LED display & shock proof design, we can say it’s a modern version of traditional Dice.

Games Available to play With DICE+

Here is the list of the games that are associated with DICE+dice5

  • Backgammon – It’s the Digital version of the World’s oldest Game.
  • Chuchumba – Based on the Memory & arithmetic. It’s a Fun Challenge for Kids.
  • DICE+ Heroes –A racing game, where your Fate is decided by your DICE+ Roll.
  • Rainbow Jack
  • Rumble Stumble – Twister for your tablet!
  • This Way Up –a type of board game inhabited with host of animal characters.
  • Bella & Max – a family game for an uncharted world brimming with adventure
  • Pirates – it’s based on board & cards. In this you build your own fleet & may become the king of the Sea.

Design Featuresdice4

256 Million Colors – It has the vast variety of the light patterns assured by RGB LED back lighting and each face has a fixed number with uniform light distribution.

Perfect Filling – The property of Uniform Mass Distribution ensure its proper balancing & full randomness of the roll results.

Selected Material – While selecting the material for dice it is keep in mid that it must have like a traditional Dice. So it is made from non-abrasive & noise-reducing materials.

Convenient Micro USB Port – It has hidden micro USB slot for battery recharging and software updates. The battery that is recharged once, should allow you to play 20 hours continuously.

Interactive Game Board– Its completely a new gaming experience, with the wireless connectivity of DICE+ with your Tablet game board. It sends the result of your rolls or moves to your device.

Dimensions & Weight – Its handy Dimensions 1.02”/ 26mm and its weight is 26 grams.

Technical Specifications


Here are some technical specifications of the DICE+

Bluetooth Connectivity – For wireless connectivity it has an embedded dual-mode that communicate through Bluetooth 2.1 & 4.0 with in the range of 15+ Foot

Magnetic Field Sensor –  It determines the orientation in 3D space, that is essentials for the proper roll detection

Embedded Micro controller & Temperature Sensor – They monitors the charging process of the Dice+ & processing power for the entire system.

Proximity Sensor – Its  a sensor that recognizes when the device is being touched & thrown as a traditional dice.

3D- Shaped Printed Circuit Board – It has the innovative shape for PCB, which is base for the electronics components.

Accelerometer – to measure the acceleration and enabling the DICE+ to make a fully functional game controller.


The most important factor about a new device is its compatibility. DICE+ is Compatible with Bluetooth smart ready devices like iPhone5, iPhone4S, iPad mini & iPad 3rd Gen & Android devices that are compatible with Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.0 and embedded with OS 4.0 or later