Install These Top 10 Chrome Plugins For Best Browsing Experience

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Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most used browser. Furthermore, the Google  Extensions or the Chrome Plugins are an icing on the cake. They let you complete your work easily on Chrome.

Are you all ready to unfold the top 10 Chrome Plugins? Then let us all begin the voyage.

Chrome Plugins


  • Magic Actions For YouTube

Magic Actions For YouTube is very successfully garnering the maximum downloads. Hence, it is one of the popular Chrome Plugins. Once you download it from the google web store, it will certainly give you a very comfortable YouTube watching experience.


  • All your YouTube videos will start playing in the auto HD mode. Hence you will be experiencing an exciting new way of viewing your favourite videos.
  • The Mouse Wheel can easily control the volume of the videos.
  • This Chrome Extension has a marvellous cinema mode. Just one click will darken the background and will give an enriching video watching encounter.
  • It offers 40 different colour themes.
  • Furthermore, with just one click you can save snapshots from the video.
  • You can easily delete your browser history.
  • Day and night switch allows you to watch videos in black and white.
  • The auto wide mode, replay and stop autoplay mode works with HTML 5 player.


  • Get Pocket

The pocket is one amazing Chrome Plugin that lets you save anything from articles to videos to your device. And you can view them later when you have time. This chrome extension automatically syncs to your PC, tablet or phone and allows you to watch your saved files even without an internet connection. Great, isn’t it.

Are you all ready to discover the features of this amazing Chrome Extension? Then let’s do it.


  • You can save your favourite video or article with just one click with a toolbar button or keyboard shortcut.
  • Save any link to right click menu item without loading the page.
  • Save files in the pocket and view related recommendations.
  • This extension is absolutely free and an upgrade to the premium version is also available.
  • When you open a new tab, you can view the trending stories.
  • You can easily download pocket from the chrome web store or install it from


  • Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is one Chrome plugin through which you can see the definitions and meanings of the words while you are working on the browser.


  • Double click on any word and a bubble will pop up that will tell you the meaning and definition of the word.
  • Toolbar dictionary will give you the complete definition of any word or phrase.
  • You can store the history of the words you have seen and can look at them later for practice.
  • Furthermore, it gives an option of translating foreign language words.
  • You can download Google dictionary from chrome web store.


  • Feedly

Feedly the best Chrome Extension for bloggers across the globe. They share, save and publish the content through Feedly.


  • Add web pages to Feedly.
  • Share the content through Twitter and Facebook.
  • You can save pages for later review.
  • Furthermore, you can email, curate and tag pages.
  • Feedly gives the platform to all the readers and bloggers to read all the RSS feeds at one place.
  • Download Feedly through chrome web store or through

  • Honey 

If you love to shop online then you must install Honey; one of the most loved Chrome Extension. Are you ready to discover the features of this Chrome Plugin?


  • Guys whenever you will shop online, Honey will automatically find and apply coupon codes.
  • Hence you do not have to look for coupon codes and sales.
  • Once your shopping cart is full, then just click on Honey button before check out. It will automatically apply coupons on your purchase.
  • Click on Honey and get to know about the sales available in other online stores.
  • Honey offers cash back and best prices on purchases.
  • You can install it from chrome web store.


  • Data Saver

This Chrome Extension is best for you to save your internet data pack. You can download it from chrome web store.


  • Data Saver optimises the pages you visit through Google servers and hence saves your data.
  • Before you download the pages, Chrome uses Google servers to compresses the pages you visit.
  • By clicking on the Details, you can see how much data your sites consume.
  • Furthermore, you can enable Data saver on your Android mobile from the settings menu.


  • Buffer

The buffer is a great Chrome Extension for those who have little or no time to manage their social media.


  • With just one click you can share the content on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google +.
  • Buffer tracks the result of the content posted on Twitter or Facebook and does the analysis as well.
  • Buffer queues your Facebook posts and Tweets and posts them automatically at a better time.
  • Queuing the Facebook updates and Tweets helps in their better scheduling.
  • You can get this extension from Chrome web store or click here to install it.


  • Adblock

Adblock is one the most popular Chrome Plugins. It boasts of having over 40 million users.


  • Adblock is one of the best Adblock and has over 200 million downloads.
  • With this Chrome Plugins, you can surf your favourite content without disturbing ads popping up.
  • It doesn’t block un obstructive ads because these ads support websites.
  • Moreover, Adblock doesn’t access your private information or browsing history. Hence, it is safe to use.
  • Download this app from Chrome web store.


  • Blur

Blur is one of the best Chrome Plugins for safe online payments and safe passwords.


  • With one click you can create a strongly encrypted password for your sites.
  • It works seemingly with all the iOS devices.
  • Secure Payments while shopping online.
  • Blur block the companies who secretly collect data from your online accounts.
  • Securely protects your account information.
  • Blur features are available in both free and premium version.
  • You can download Blur from Chrome Web Store.


  • Boomerang For Gmail

Boomerang is the coolest Chrome Plugins that tracks your emails and even writes it for you.


  • Boomerang schedules messages and you can send them later.
  • You can track your messages and can set reminders.
  • Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to send the emails at a later date.
  • It can also postpone the incoming emails, therefore keeps your inbox clean.
  • You can receive these emails at your scheduled time.
  • One can set the reminder for birthday emails.
  • Easy to follow sales lead.
  • Can smoothly interact with people in different time zones.
  • To install this app click here.


Aren’t these Chrome Plugins amazingly helpful?  Then don’t think, just install them and have a happy browsing. 

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