IBM Watson: The Leader In Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence or cognitive computing is what all the tech giants across the globe are laying a lot of stress on these days. And IBM Watson is turning out to be the leader among all the Artificial Intelligence Applications available in the market nowadays.

Before we move further and discuss What is IBM Watson? It is imperative to have clarity on What is Artificial Intelligence? Or Cognitive Computing.

Artificial intelligence or cognitive computing comes from cognitive science that studies the functioning of the brain. Hence cognitive computing will be giving a thinking process to the computer so that it can help the humans in taking important decisions.

Therefore Watson by IBM is a cognitive computing system that rely on neural networks and deep learning networks. And processes information by comparing it to teaching set data. Neural networks help the computer in taking decisions.

Let us find out what IBM Watson is offering the world as Artificial Intelligence Applications

IBM Watson

  • IBM Watson In Healthcare(Artificial Intelligence) 

Watson by IBM can be of great help in the healthcare.

It can gather a lot of data and information around a condition like the patient history, best practices, diagnostic tools.

Has the capability to analyze the data and information and gives recommendation.

Hence it helps the doctor to see the large number of options available for treating the patient based on the patient history and other recommendations by Watson AI.

  • IBM Watson In Research(Artificial Intelligence)

Baylor College Of Medicine, a leading health sciences University is using Watson by IBM .

Therefore this cognitive computing system, Watson by IBM is helping them in speeding up their cancer research.

This artificial intelligence program is in their Baylor Knowledge Integration Tool Kit.

A researcher normally consumes months to years in testing the hypotheses and formulating a conclusion.

Hence this cognitive computing by Watson is helping the Biologists at Baylor to complete their job efficiently.

  • IBM Watson In Banks(Artificial Intelligence)

SoftBank in Japan is working in an alliance with IBM Watson in Japan

The key highlight of the alliance is the expansion of the Watson’s ability to think and communicate in Japanese.

Moreover Watson is helping the bank is establishing a local circle of partners, developers, entrepreneurs and students.


  • IBM Watson An Adviser in USAA(Artificial Intelligence)

USAA is a financial service provider for military community.

Both USAA and IBM have come together to serve the military men and women.

Hence Watson by IBM will be helping the military men and women to transition from military to civilian life.

Furthermore cognitive computing by Watson can analyse more than 3000 documents on military transitions.

Hence by accessing Watson USAA members are able to ask questions in relation to the military transitions.

  • IBM Watson In Institute Of Culinary Education(ICE)

Watson by IBM can transform many industries and profession.

It is doing the same in Institute OF Culinary Education by working with some of the best chefs in the world.

Hence it is helping the chefs in discovering some of the unique flavor combinations.

Therefore they are able to discover new dishes and recipes.

ICE is calling Watson by IBM as Chef Watson.

Furthermore ICE has come up with  a new recipe book with 60 recipes by Chef Watson.

Information about the book:


Cognitive Computing or Artificial Intelligence is our future and IBM Watson is becoming an ace leader in cognitive computing. Soon we will be having our cars, phones, houses and computers all driven by artificial intelligence. 

And we all can be sure that we will be getting thoughtful responses from all our gadgets.

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