HTC U11 With Edge Sense Technology Launched

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Innovation is the key to survive in the tech business. The consumer electronics giant HTC will certainly be a key player in the market with their new smartphone HTC U11. This smartphone supports a super interactive and novel technology-Edge Sense. Now you can operate your phone merely with a squeeze.

Before we move and discuss the features of HTC U11, let us throw some light on the Edge Sense technology.

HTC U 11

  • Edge sense technology is all set to bring a revolution in smartphone software and design.
  • Furthermore, this technology will be transforming the way we all interact with our phones.
  • Just squeeze your phone and edge sense will let you take photos, text your friends and launch your favourite apps like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.
  • Hence this technology is making phone interactions quite simpler.
  • Moreover, squeeze your HTC U11 and the two powerful voice assistants, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are ready to assist you with anything you want.
  • With HTC U11 taking photos will become all the more easier. Now you do not have to shuffle the buttons in your phone. Just squeeze your phone and smile.


  • Liquid Finish Design (HTC U11)

HTC U 11

HTC U11 has a beautiful liquid glass surface that will certainly impress the user. The highly refractive precious minerals at its back cover, create some vivid colours and transform light falling on the phone. Furthermore, it has 3D glass on both front and back of the phone. 5.5″ 3D glass screen gives an authentic and full frame view of the image. The screen gives the best display and removes the cropping and distortion of colours at the edge. The design supports a unique Tri-Axis Symmetry. Which means it is symmetrically slim from every angle. From whichever angle you look at the phone it looks the same. This symmetry is gained through enormous heating, bending and pressure. Hence the resulting look of the phone is for you all to admire.

  • The Best Camera Ever (HTC U11)


HTC U11 has an outstanding score of 90 in DxOMark ranking. Hence this makes HTC U11 the best smartphone ever. Super fast autofocus in all lighting conditions, it’s multi-axis optical feature and electronic stabilisation system is the reason behind the DxOMark ranking. These features make the camera quick, take sharp pictures and clear videos. Furthermore, the camera has white balance enhancement, HDR Boost and a major reduction in sound. You just have to click a picture or make a video to witness its superior quality.

What is HDR Boost? Auto HDR Boost feature in HTC U11 allows you to take multiple shots while measuring the darkest and the brightest highlights without slowing down. It takes care of the visible details, enhances the colour and texture of the pictures. HDR Boost also reduces the noise, increases the motion picture quality of the video.

The front camera has a high resolution of 16MP and its ultra pixel light sensitivity enables you to take amazing selfies in day or night. Furthermore, HTC U11 has the same full sensor autofocus technology like the DSLR cameras. This technology uses all the pixels for UltraSpeed Autofocus. HTC U11 enables you to focus on the subject in the same way as the human eye would do.


  • Super Sound: USonic (HTC U11)

htc u11

USonic earbuds integrate your ear with sonar technology and then creates a personalised sound experience for your ear with vibrant audio. It involves active noise cancellation while mapping your ear. Hence this reduces the unwanted noise around you and you can enjoy your music without any kind of distractions. Active noise cancellation detects the disturbance in the atmosphere and instantly adjusts to the new sound. This technology works automatically, hence you can enjoy your music or game without any kind of hindrance.

Its BoomSound HiFi speakers have got an upgrade in HTC U11. Hence the new speakers deliver 150% improvement in Dynamic Range Audio and 100% more loudness. Furthermore, it has an improved magnetic circuit design for loud, clear and deep bass tones.


  • AI Companion (HTC U11)

htc u11

The Artificial Intelligence companion or the AI companion the HTC U11 has is also known as Sense Companion. It tells you your daily schedule and updates. Even if you are quite busy someday and forget to charge your phone, your Sense Companion will tell you to charge your phone or get a power bank. Hence the AI companion will bring convenience to your life.

  • Speed and Dimensions (HTC U11)

htc u11

HTC U11 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The powerful processor gives a long battery life, high-definition graphics and nice speed. It weighs 169gms and is 153.9*75.9*7.9 in dimensions. Android 7.1 is the operating system.



HTC U11 is one the most beautiful and intelligently designed phones of 2017. You can get it for $649 in the first week of June from It comes in three colours Saphire Blue, Brilliant Black, Amazing Silver.


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