Hoverbike Aero-X, Fiction to Reality by Aerofex

Aero-X hoverbikeIf you are a biker, You must have dreamt about having a super smooth friction free bike for ultimate smoothness and speed. Yeah, a bike that hovers would definitely be the solution. NO matter how the road is or if there is any road. You can ride your hoverbike as easily & smoothly as anywhere else.

Here is a solution for you by a company called AeroFex who is planning to provide a bike like that by the year 2017 for US$ 85,000.

Science fiction movies have been playing with our thoughts from quite a long time now about the bikes & cars & even boards which hover in the air. And I must admit they look cooler than anything available to ride. Below are some concepts I have found out there.
Hoverbike concepthoverbike concept 2hoverbike concept 3

They look fantastic for a ride apart from the fact that they are just computer renders like most of the movie bikes we have seen in the cinema. The reality is, no one till now know how they will hover. I mean what will create that controlled thrust for the biked to be controlled by the rider safely and what will be source of power.

But AeroFex is planning to solve all those issues with the power of AIR.

Yep, Your dreams can be true if you got that much money to spare for your dream bike. Apart from the fact that it does not look & work like how Hollywood shown you. You might not be even able to ride it on you favorite road. The bike is an air powered hovering platform which actually can make your dream come true to fly over the ground. With flying capability upto 10 feet in the air and speed upto 45 miles an hour, This can be a vehicle of choice for surveying, search and rescue, border patrol, disaster relief and ranching.

Or as the company says, You can simply take it to a desert or jungle trip to fly around.

The best part is, You don’t even have to have any piloting skills which are required to jump in to any other conventional air-crafts like helicopters or airplanes. It simply just behaves like a bike & with simple training you can learn to control it just like a bike. And all that, for a very small cost if you compare it to the cost of modern day private helicopters and airplanes.

Below is video demonstrating how it works:

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