Get Ready To Play The Best VR Games This Season

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All the VR game lovers out there here is a surprise for you all. Keep your VR  headset ready as we are going to unveil the best VR games you can try this year.

Are you guys ready to dive into your favourite game? Without any further delay let us explore the best VR games.

best vr games

  • Minecraft

VR experience that Minecraft delivers is simply amazing. You can explore the Minecraft world through Virtual Reality. Hence you will be experiencing the same stuff but with a unique twist. Be ready to encounter the monstrous mob and the dark caves. Furthermore, Minecraft gives a realistic effect with 3D sound track and great light. The VR edition of Minecraft supports all the features of the pocket edition as well. Like creative, survival, skin, multiplayer and more. Do check this game and get back to us with your views.


  • Dreadhalls

Another addition to the best VR games for you all to dive in is Dreadhall. This game is for those who want to experience both thrill and horror at the same time. When you begin playing, you get trapped in a huge dungeon. Your courage and a faint light are your only weapons that can make you survive or escape the horror. Dreadhall is only for those who can withstand the horror. Or else it is advisable not play this game.


  • Gunjack

Gunjack is one of the most popular mobile VR games. But with the change in graphics, audio, textures, models and effects this is available on PC as well. Great, isn’t it? Once you start playing this sci-fi game. You are a shooter on a mining vessel in the outer ring region of known space. You are a member of ship’s defence team. Hence you are continuously protecting the ship from pirates and all other possible threats. Just jump into your heavy weapons turret and bring down the enemies.


  • Land’s End

Land’s End is from the creators of Monument Valley. It is a perfect game for those who want to give their brain a little jolt. Land’s End lets you explore the beautiful landscapes while unlocking the lost civilisation. Simultaneously you will be unfolding the mysteries in Land’s End. This game brings a refreshing change from the horror and shooting genre. These puzzles are specially created for Gear VR.


  • Smash Hit

Smash Hit is one of the best VR games that you can play to vent your anger. While playing you just have to move in harmony with the music and break everything in your path. It definitely, requires focus and timing. This is the best game post heart break.


  • Drop Dead

For all, you horror lovers drop dead is your kind of game. It has all the qualities of a perfect VR. Fills you with excitement, has a thrilling story line and grasping graphics. Best for Zombie lovers. Master the sticky grenade, charge pistols, and fusion cannon. Fight the undead with the futuristic weapons. You have a hi-tech visor to slay zombie. The game offers combo system that rewards accuracy and destruction.


Here is our compilation of the best VR games. We are quite sure these games are going to be on your playlist. Get back to us with your experiences.


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