Father Of Android Andy Rubin Brings The First Essential Phone

Andy Rubin, father of Android, the world’s largest operating system introduces the first ever phone produced by his own hardware company Essential at the code conference today. It is the Essential Phone, powered by Android OS and will be having a digital voice assistant.

Rubin joined Google in 2005 and later on left to float his own company by the name of Playground Global. This company provides funds and resources to the technology start-ups. Rubin is aiming to encourage young talent for the advancement of hardware and AI.

The Essential Phone is available for $699 and will start shipping with the necessary features in the month of June.

Andy Rubin gave us a sneak peek at the Essential Phone earlier this month on his twitter account. Come let us see the specs and features of the phone in detail.

essential phone


  • Marvellous Camera(Essential Phone)

essential phone

With the Essential Phone, the parent company Essential will be launching the world’s smallest 360-degree camera. Unlike the other 360 degree cameras, it is light, easy to attach and operate. Moreover, the camera supports a clear audio with 4x microphones in 3D with the ambisonic tetrahedral arrangement. The system architecture of the camera supports Qualcomm 8053. Dual phone cameras have monochrome sensors with a resolution of dual 12 MP of fisheye images. Hence, it gives beautiful images that are rich in colour and detail even in low light. Lens aperture is of f1.8 dimension. FOV is 210 degree each. Furthermore, the camera possesses the video resolution of 360 degrees UHD at 30fps. It has 60GHz of wireless, USB ports. It is a sleek camera with a height of 67mm, 32mm width, 12mm thickness and weighs 35gms. With the 360-degree camera, the user does not have to aim anything as the single shot covers everything. The front facing camera takes 8MP still photos.


  • Magnetic Accessories And Display(Essential Phone)

essential phone

The magnetic connector with a wireless data transfer makes the Essential Phone updated and cord free. The Essential Company makes it easier for the user to upgrade his/her phone without bothering about the chargers, dongles and other accessories. Furthermore, it gives a unique click cordless connector to easily recharge your phone. Moreover, it is a large screen device that can fit easily into your palm. It reveals a beautiful edge to edge full display. The screen has 2560*1312 QHD resolution and aspect ratio of 19:10. It has 500 nits of brightness. And has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 cover glass.

  • Body And Colour (Essential Phone)

essential phone

Unlike most of the smartphones that have an aluminium body, the Essential Phone is made up of titanium. There is a unique property of Titanium that it does not bend, scratch or dent. Hence there is no need to have a phone case for the Essential Phone. Moreover, titanium is stronger, resilient and harder than the aluminium. Furthermore, the phone has successfully survived the drop accident. You can buy the phone in four different colours of black moon, stellar grey, pure white and ocean depth.

The Essential Phone has 4GB RAM and 128 GB of storage. Furthermore, it has USB type C, 60GHz ports. And Gbps Wireless Accessory Connector. Its battery has 3040mAh of power. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is the processor of the phone.

It supports a marvellous feature of 10 finger multitouch and fingerprint reader. This is the fastest available technology. Furthermore, the phone has Barometer, Accelerometer, Magnetometer and Gyroscope. And a NanoSim tray with a pin inject. Essential Phone provides connectivity through Bluetooth 5.0 L.E and 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac with MIMO. It has GPS and GLONASS as its positioning systems.


Andy Rubin and his new hardware company Essential has put in all the efforts to make the Essential Phone stand out as a winner amongst the rest of the smartphones. Furthermore to give the user a sense of ownership the Essential Phone will not have any kind of company’s logo.

Though this new phone has all the features to compete in the market. Still, the Essential Phone will have to find a place for itself beating the tech giants like Samsung, APPLE and the Chinese players.

You can reserve you Phone here.

Image Source: Google, Giphy.com

Video Source: YouTube