Facebook VS YouTube: Which Platform Will You Choose For Sharing

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The new YouTube update is going to be a boon for all the smartphone users. To enable this update you just need to have YouTube app on your phone. Now, sharing your favourite videos amongst your friends will be a cake walk. Install the YouTube app on your phone and experience this bewildering update. This update sounds great but it seems YouTube is all set to challenge Facebook on video monetization. Can we anticipate that it is going to be Facebook vs YouTube?

Let us explore the new Facebook vs Youtube update.

  • Smoothly Chat and Send Videos

new youtube update

Since last one year, YouTube is fiercely experimenting to develop a new way of sharing videos. This new YouTube Update will let you smoothly share videos with your family and friends. Above all, it will be allowing its users to chat with in the app itself. Great isn’t it! You can begin chatting by inviting your friends and family to the app through a link, it is so easy. Hence, Sharing and Chatting are two new YouTube updates that its viewers should look forward to. Earlier the users were copying and pasting the link of the video they wanted to share. This was a little tedious task. Therefore, YouTube has come to your rescue and now can share the videos directly in the chat. Moreover, you can avoid sharing videos through WhatsApp or email.

  • Streaming Videos In Facebook

facebook vs youtube

Youtube is going to be great with this new update where as Facebook is the initiator of this concept of sharing videos while chatting with your friends. Hence it appears that Youtube is all set to give stiff competition to Facebook. It is definitely going to be Facebook vs YouTube as far as video monetization is concerned. Facebook allows all its publishers make money through in stream video ads through their audience network. This is the same concept that YouTube is also targeting.

  • Begining This New YouTube Update On Your Phone

new youtube update

All the users across the globe can now access this new YouTube update. Earlier this update was only available in Canada and in some parts of America. While sharing the videos in the app you can also leave your comments and chat about it amongst your friends. This YouTube update will be working in the same way like other chatting apps. Therefore, you invite your friends on conversation and can chat and share your views on some video. You can continue sharing the videos with other apps as well. This new YouTube update is appearing to be more fun, fast and easier. Hence it will certainly be an enjoyable experience. You can easily find this feature in your phone in the built-in app sharing button. To begin this feature, just share a video with your friend or group of people. Then a messaging UI will appear. This will lead you to share the videos amongst your friends or in your groups. Hence you can do the discussions and share in the app.

  • Audience Network In Stream Video Ads In Facebook

facebook vs youtube

Audience network in stream video ads places ads from Facebook onto other websites. With this feature, publishers can distribute ads to the people all over the world. Audience network only allows the ads that are relevant to the people watching them. Audience Network In stream Video Ads can boost your revenue a lot. This feature is also relevant with YouTube. Will it be YouTube or Facebook? Who is going to be the key player, will be seen in future? Let us watch who wins Facebook vs YouTube battle.

  • Other Features In YouTube Update

new youtube update

The videos that you will be sharing will be live in a new tab on your mobile app. Now your friends can easily see the videos you have shared. These updates have arrived to celebrate YouTube’s 12th birthday. Hence, YouTube is putting in all the efforts to launch this update with a bang. Henceforth, all the visuals will be appearing without any kind of distractions. The main menu font size is also smaller. Another option of hiding the menu is also available. The new YouTube update is appearing with an altogether new design. At the top of the menu, there will be home, trending and subscriptions. Dark theme is arriving in the glare and it lets you watch the videos with its true colours.


This new YouTube update is certainly going to be loved amongst the masses. It is quite evident that this feature is going to be a revolution in the tech world. How far YouTube VS Facebook battle will stretch, is going to be an interesting event of the future.


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