Elgato Stream Deck: Stream Across Twitch And YouTube

Do you love creating quality content for your audience. Elgato’s new device called Elgato Stream Deck will be very helpful to pull attention of your viewers. Hence be the creative best and leave your mark across YouTube and Twitch.

All the streamers, get ready as I am going to unveil the marvelous features of Stream Deck.

  • 15 LCD Keys (Elgato Stream Deck)

elgato stream deck

Now streamers do not have to look for external keypads to have control on switching things. Because Elgato Stream Deck has 15 great LCD keys that are capable to launch upto 210 functions. Hence the user does not have to memorize keyboard shortcuts. You can change the audio, switch scenes and can perform many more functions through its one touch user interface. Moreover you get command confirmation through visual feedback. The LCD panel underneath the keys allows the legend for each key to be changed. With Stream Deck, you can have the luxury of streaming like the mainstream broadcasters.


  • Syncing The Process (Elgato Stream Deck)


Stream Deck automatically catches your scenes, audio and media sources while integrating the tools like Twitter, OBS, Elgato game Capture, Twitch etc. Furthermore it gives you a better control over the actions by syncing them with just a tap of a key.


  • Gives Creative Freedom (Elgato Stream Deck)

elgato stream deck

It gives you ample space to be creative. You can brighten up your onscreen tricks with videos, images, audio clips and GIFs. On  top of this you can also add signature intro and outro graphics to your content and take your content to the next level. User can mix and match the options available. Furthermore you can also apply your own creative thinking to the content.


  • Easy Customization (Elgato Stream Deck) 

elgato stream deck

Stream Deck is one device that gives ample scope to customize keys and various other tasks. You just have to drag and drop the necessary action on to the keys and your job is done. Likewise for creating folder you just have to drag and hold one key over another. You can give custom icons to your keys and transform the keys in your own way. Moreover Stream Deck allows you to log into multiple accounts while you are configuring them. Furthermore it has a unique feature that while you are customizing the software, accordingly the stream deck keeps on updating itself. Hence you can see the changes instantly.


  • Features For Non Streamers (Elgato Stream Deck)

elgato stream deck

Stream Deck has an in built five categories of command like Multimedia, Switch Hotkey, Open and Website. For a website, press the button and the URL will automatically open up in the new tab. Hotkey functions in the same way as website. Open can map to any file or app on your system. Furthermore multimedia can be set to play or pause, previous or next track and for audio and for increasing or decreasing the volume. Elgato’s browser based key creator can customize each icon.


  • Software And Hardware (Elgato Stream Deck)

elgato stream deck

Stream Deck app can do the set up and it is available for windows 10 and Mac OS 10.11. There is a column of commands on the right hand side. You just have to drag and drop on the empty space on the left.

Each key is approximately of 15mm square each. Stream Deck is a compact device with 4.6*3.3*0.8 inches of dimensions. And it weighs around 6.7 ounces. Furthermore it comes with an adjustable stand to keep the Stream Deck at an angle. This stand gives a better view of the deck.


Stream Deck is available at  $149.95.  It gives an easy and smooth user interface through tapping buttons and jumping around apps, websites and commands.  Hence it is a perfect device for both streamers and non streamers.


Image Source: Google

Video Source: YouTube