E3 2017 Announces And Brings New Pokemon Go Updates

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This year’s E3 has brought in a lot of announcements and new game releases for the gamers around the world. For all the Pokemon Go fans, one of the major updates came from the tech giant Niantic. This Pokemon Go updates has vowed to keep the Pokemon Go gamers engaged this summer. The sole aim of launching this update is to increase the popularity of the game. Niantic claims that the game has around 65 million users and it has been downloaded more than 700 million times. Hence this update is for all those million users of the game across the globe.

A month ago Niantic held Pokemon Go event and now with this update, the company is not leaving any stone unturned for the gamers. There are majorly two Pokemon Go updates.

Let us find out the New Pokemon Go Updates for a great summer.

  • Raid Battles (Pokemon Go Updates)

pokemon go update

Through Raid Battles, Niantic is aiming to bring live, the scene in the Pokemon Go trailer. In the trailer, the trainers fight a huge Pokemon at the Times Square. The game allows around 20 players to fight the tough bosses. These bosses will randomly appear at the gym. Furthermore, all the players get to know about the tough bosses through the appearance of a Pokemon Egg at the gym. The egg will appear with a timer to let you know its perfect time to hatch. The moment egg hatches, a pocket monster will appear and the players will have only five minutes to defeat it.

If the players are successful in defeating the monster, then they will have the advantage to capture the rare Pokemon. There are few new items that are added to the Raid Battles, which can be earned successfully through raids. These essential items include rare candies-these candies turn into Pokemon candies when used on them, golden razzberries-these give a greater chance of capturing the wild Pokemon. Furthermore, Raid Battles give two types technical machines that will help to teach a monster a fast or charged attack.

The battle raid update is aimed to allow players to work together and back each other. Since the battle raids is centred around gyms, all the players need to be at the same place. Though this new update allows the players to take the game to the public, this update also let the players play the game privately with their friends. The goal of battle raids is to give players an access to a higher level content. Raid-pass is an item that players can get free everyday and they can purchase them as well. We can expect a free update launch on the battle raids in the coming week.

  • New Gyms (Pokemon Go Updates)

pokemon go update

Niantic is introducing a lot of new changes to the gyms and in its working style. Players will get an opportunity to spin a disc at the gym and earn pokeballs, berries etc. These changes will be increasing pokestops in the rural and suburban areas. Furthermore, a major change in the structure of the gym will be coming. There is going to be six featured slots for the Pokemon in the gym. Each of the slot will be occupied by a different kind of Pokemon. Hence, you will be able to fight them in order of them occupying a slot in the gym.

Apart from this new feature of occupying a slot there is going to be another update of introduction of motivation. As the game will progress, Pokemon will be losing the motivation and can be defeated easily. Hence, to increase the motivation level, players can visit the gym and grab the berries for the same.

Temporarily Niantic has disabled the gyms. Once the new update comes up, the gyms will be fully functional for all the players.


These two new updates, ceratinly will be engaging the Pokemon go players across the globe and will be enhamcing the gaming experience for the users.

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