Chrome 58: The Latest Version Of Google Chrome Arrives

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The latest version of Google Chrome is available now and its name is Chrome 58, it is also known as Chrome 58 Beta. It fully supports Android, Mac, Linux, Windows and Chrome OS. The salient features of Google Chrome 58 includes its support for IndexedDB 2.0 and improvements in iframe navigation.

Come let us explore, What is Google Chrome 58 and its features?



  • IndexedDB 2.0: In Chrome 58

IndexedDB 2.0 makes it easier to work with large data sets in the browser.

Hence it enables new schema management with bulk action methods and more standard way of handling of failures.

Rename in place after a refactoring option for object stores and indexes to simplify updates of a site’s database.

Binary keys allow compact representations for custom keys.

Moreover for better performance, new methods include getkey () and open keycursor ()

Furthermore to divide large data access across transactions and page loads without worrying about duplicate primary keys, it has continue Primary Key ().

Moreover for bulk recovery of entire datasets without the need for a cursor, it has getAll () and getAllkeys ().

For more information on IndexedDB 2.0 you can visit:


  • iframe Navigation: Chrome 58

New iframe sandbox keyword allow-top-navigation-by-user-activation.

It gives the ability to navigate the top- level page  by user interaction while blocking auto-redirects.

Moreover this allows Chrome to fight third party content that automatically redirects the page while allowing developers to put third party content inside sandboxed iframes.


  •  Some other highlights in Chrome 58

  • URL is making development with workers more secure by giving them an opaque origin.
  • Therefore developers can now customize Chrome’s native media controls such as the download, full screen and remote play back buttons using the new Controls-list API.
  • Furthermore PointerEvents makes it easier for drawing apps to create smoother curves using a precise history of points.
  •  Sites can now access the appropriate range of colors supported by Chrome and output devices using the color- gamut Media Query.
  • Instead Of manually resetting multiple layout properties like float and clear, sites can now add a new block- formatting context using display:flow root.
  • On Chrome for Android sites are installed using the improved Add to Homescreen flow and are allowed to auto-play audio and video served from origins without restrictions.
  • Moreover on Chrome for Android videos using the auto-play attribute will be paused when offscreen and resumed when back in view.
  • Improved Javascript parsing time.
  • Developers can now have an access to programmatically remove a specified text range.
  • Chrome 58 now supports certain attributes on Chrome for Mac to provide more information on stylus devices and painting apps.
  •  Moreover it allows trailing commas in Javascript for formal parameter and argument lists.
  • WebAudio API’s new category enables the developer to easily make tradeoffs between latency, power and CPU efficiency.

chrome 58


Furthermore, Chrome 58 implements 29 security fixes and for this Google has spent around 14000$.

Looking at this whopping amount of money spent on bug fixes will give you enough encouragement to upgrade your version.

You can download Chrome 58 here:


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