The Most Awaited Windows 10 Update Has Arrived

Here is a pleasant surprise for all the windows operating system lovers!! Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has come up with the latest windows 10 update. This update was unveiled during the company’s one week Hackathon.

The much-anticipated addition in Windows 10 is going to be the dubbed eye control. Users will be able to launch programs, open documents etc by just looking at the screen. This sounds great, isn’t it?

Before we proceed, have a look at the certain other announcements that were made during Microsoft Build 2017.


windows 10 update

Let us find out more about this Eye tracking feature in Windows.

  • Eye Tracking Windows  10 Update

Eye control feature is going to be a boon for the people with certain disabilities. Now, it will be easier for them to operate an on screen mouse, keyboard and text to speech system by merely looking into the monitor. To make use of the eye control update, you will be requiring a compatible eye tracker. There are a lot of benefits of this eye control update but there are few things you need to take care of while using eye tracker.

  • Direct sunlight is not good for the functioning of the eye tracker. Furthermore, it might require new calibration when moving to a place with different lighting conditions.
  • You might encounter a halt in shape writing. You can rework this through shape writing icon by turning it on and off again.
  • During calibration, the launch pad can block the Tobii UI device. To improve this you can turn on and off the eye control.

Apart from these tiny issues, this Eye Tracker is going to be great and will be an inspiration for other tech giants as well.


Another important update in Windows 10 is the new colour scheme of the Windows Console.

  • Let us find out the new colour scheme in Windows 10 update

windows 10 update

The old blue colour legacy will be getting few changes and there will be more vibrant and brighter colours entering the colour scheme. To imply these changes you need to re-install the windows. Because merely upgrading will not help. You can check this link for more information. Microsoft does plan to introduce a feature wherein the users do not have to reinstall the Windows.

  • Few other Windows 10 update have come up, let us go through them. 

windows 10 update

  • Fluent Design system is the inspiration behind the Microsoft Edge’s modern look. Button animation has become more responsive and amazing. The acrylic material gives transparency to the tab bar.
  • The address bar will be getting few changes.
  • The issue of right clicking on the image in Microsoft Edge and selecting copy and then pasting the clip board content will result in the image URL being copied rather than the image, has been fixed.
  • Now, battery fly out will not show unexpected text for the % charged.
  • If you switch the tab and back you do not have to read from the top rather you will be reading from where you left.
  • Games like warships, World of Warplanes, World Of Tanks sometimes freeze or hang after their launch. This will not happen now.

This new Windows 10 update is going to be great for the users. It will definitely give an extra edge to the Microsoft in the tech world.

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